Nudity go byebye and nobody say whywhy

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Oh. Well. Fun while it lasted.


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wat really :eek:
That sucks ... I consider it core to MO (seriously). Immersion. Heat/cold/angry commoners should take care of the "aesthetics".


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one of them said it would be back eventually, I'm sure mouse sensitivity aswell.
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yea.... its bullshit... so im wondering if anyone has found the settings hidden in the config's of the game so it could be enabled regardless?
I believe its a bug should be available soon hopefully.
Henrik said nudity will be patched back in along with adding mouse sensitivity slider back in.
Henrik said it would be back in during his stream before servers went up.


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Better bring that shit back i afk on top of tind bank counter with no pants.


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Henrik confirmed in Twitch chat that it will be back, they're overworking the option category it was in or something.


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They took this option out!? Say it isn't so.......even tho I don't care for it. It is a core option that shouldn't have been remove. That doesn't sit well with me because I tend to think that henrik is being hypnotised!?



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Big dongs causing server instability, had to go.
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