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Hello, i am a old player that has played for 6 years and i am returning to the game, I was an old HawK member and I am looking for any guild that will take me in.


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... It's kind of hard for them to find satisfying fights, which are not what you 'want' to be free from.

On the plus side, they almost definitely maybe might take you in.
Naj, RPK expanded Far more than any Guild in All MO History and Proved themSelf in almost Every aspect of the MO, Every Corner Swear by the Mighty and Greatness of RPK and our Enemies have Fallen like Snow fleets in a Summer day it's more than an Honour to Serve under the skulled Banner's of the Truest Son's and Daughter's of the Eastern Steeps, Khurite Truest Protector's, the Watchmen of Our Holy Lands and Migii Faithful Servants .

My Child @WorldEnder We live by one Norm and one Norm alone " We live to Conquer and Conquer to live " you will Suit just Fine in RPK i Suggests you give it a Try and Don't Listen to Those Muppet's RPK has the Finest player's in MO.

P.s ask about Orrrn or AKU in Discord they Set you to your Destination .

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You had me unconcerned and convinced until:

Distension (spelled distention in many style regimens) generally refers to an enlargement, dilation, or ballooning effect. It may refer to: Abdominal distension, typically a symptom of an underlying disease or dysfunction in the body, rather than an illness in its own right.
Distension - Wikipedia

Are you proposing to... bloat your recruits?
No, just one Rusty Dictionary :D thanks for the head's up