Option for backup location during patching for SSD health.

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So as I understand it when MO is patching it makes a backup of the files its patching as it patches them, can we get an option to specify where this backup goes to because this kind of frequent and large writing then erasing is hell for SSD's since the blocks in them have a limited number of writes before they die, Especially on day like today where we get hit with multiple patches. I'd love to be able to have MO back-up files during patches to my regular HDD and still be able to play it from my SSD, would also take care of a lot of the instances of the client failing to patch due to it running out of space.

Edit: After watching the patches today this is actually an urgent issue MO burned through ~40 gigs of my SSD's ~30-40tb write capacity, no wonder my last one died after only 3 years.
because it may be in my interest and was never publicly answered B U M P


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Actually, any game that's several gigabyte in size and patching on a regular basis is doing the exact same thing to our SSDs. Nothing one can change. Actually, most other online games are worse really since they very often have large patches and none offers an option to define the temporary locations really except a general change in your Windows system - though, putting temporary files on a hard disk while having an SSD at hand truly is violating the purpose of the SSD.

Infact, putting temporary files on an SSD is what they're made for: That's how you improve performance the most. Or in other words: If you want to speed up many things often, the SSD will get used up faster; while if you dont want to speed up things for real, you don't need an SSD but could either use a regular or fast hard disk, or even a hybrid disk (-> Seagate Momentum XT).

This basically is the price to pay for having lightning speed - and we all knew it before buying an SSD. I hope.

This obviously doesn't address the huge space requirement of MO, which is too high for most small and average SSDs. For such you need to cleanup or get a larger/second device.


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most other online games
That is no excuse. The bigger they get, the more valid these requests get. SSD's are indeed nice for temporary files, but most temp files are not hundreds of MB in size. As they are also quite expensive, most do not have huge disk sizes. For large stuff like videos and backup files ppl still use conventional storage because space is limited.

So, bump.

Edit: additionally, it would also be nice to be able to specify a download location.
With the current launcher it is your Windows temporary folder which is used. That can actually be relocated if you need.


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Ah, IC. Great! Will change it.
Only using windoze for MO :)
Realized how old that link is ...

If you want to change the location at which Windows stores temporary files, go to control panel>system>advanced system settings>environment variables. Once there, in the System Variables box, find and click the TEMP entry, click edit button to change where you would prefer Windows store temp files. Repeat for TMP entry.

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