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  • Added support for seeds.
  • Added seeds to the broker UI.
  • Added support for NPC interaction animations.
  • Added more checks to guild Acronyms
  • Following now also does a whisper : /tell /t
  • Added some more custom attack/flee shouts to NPCs.
  • Added new dice drops to loot tables.
  • Added a new selection screen at the very end of the tutorial where new players can get some more info on the game and choose a direction of their character.
  • Priest beacons are now dynamically updated from the server rather then being baked into the map.
  • Added a separate search-server for broker items.
  • Severely improved broker UI.
  • Added buy orders to the broker. You now bring at least 1 item of the type you want and put down a buy order on the broker. Other players can then collect that item and give it to the broker to automatically get money and have the item returned to your mail.
  • You can now add bags with items in the broker.
  • Vendors now play a animation when used.
  • When a house first dies it will now spawn it's house sign in a loot bag.
  • Added a Perciformes lore book.
  • Added a "smart target" for gather to make it possible to gather things even thou they are not directly targetable or aimed directly at.
  • Added a new type of broker that ONLY sells items from a specific category in the broker list. These brokers are connected to the trade broker in the city.
  • You now get a message when a duel ends.
  • Added map-functionality on the broker to make it easier to find player-vendors.
  • Added new weapons on Arx Meridius to be traded for Undead Heads.
  • Added a bounty option to the broker, you can now request the Head or the House sign of a chosen player.
  • Consumable in the broker renamed to Usable.
  • Changed confusing can't drink yet message.
  • Rebuilt the goto nearest shrine function it now takes into account guild-priests and should work better in general.
  • Priest beacons will now update if you flag changes while dead.
  • Increased max broker items without skill from 7 to 20.
  • Management now add 50 instead of 15 broker slots.
  • Blunt damage applied directly to a mounted player now does a knockdown check to see if the player falls off.
  • Losing a knockdown check while on a mount will not dismount the player.
  • Hitting someone with spear-stance will now trigger a knockdown chance if that person is on a mount.
  • Improved item updating code.
  • House vendors are now called trade brokers.
  • House vendors now work like a trade broker but only the owner of the house can add items and request items.
  • Siege machines will now change flags when damaging NPC/Players.
  • Elementals now burn when killed.
  • Rebuilt siege trace code.
  • AI will now more aggressively attack healers.
  • Overall AI aggro reduction increased.
  • Guards will now tick aggro faster the further away from their spawn they are reducing their chase distance.
  • Change mouse pointer to something that stands out a bit more from the UI/World.
  • Handle hits are now treated as HandleHitDamage rather then blunt. HandleHitDamage is absorbed by armor just like blunt but won't cause knockdowns from mounts.
  • Increased spawns and amounts you get when gathering sea dew.
  • Slightly increased the healing effect on Common Vitis.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed calculation issue when combining potions.
  • Fixed a couple of missing vial icons.
  • Fixed a couple of missing skill descriptions.
  • Fixed some issues with mailed and banked items messing up NPC UI.
  • Guards will now scan pet bags too.
  • Improved item cleanup leading to faster node-transitions.
  • Improved pet cleanup. This will slightly improve login times.
  • There is now a 2 sec timer for stealing items.
  • Fixed rare glitch where your free-slot count wouldn't update correctly.
  • Fixed issue where guard-scanning wouldn't correctly update your pets flag.
  • Fixed issues where chests wouldn't correctly show items spawned after reboot.
  • Built item cleanup system for the database. This will in some cases increase player login/node-transition.
  • Fixed node memory-leak.
  • Added better removing of bad towers.
  • Guards will now correctly damage placeables.
  • Fledglings can no longer be knocked down by riders.
  • Fixed a rare tutorial crash.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with spear-stance messages.
  • Fixed issue where you could glitch out arrows.
  • Fixed weak-parts on AI. It should now correctly always give a weak spot hit when you hit those parts.
  • Fixed issue where items in loot/chest etc could go invisible if you dropped a item from the object into a slot in the same object.
  • Fixed UI not correctly updating pet slots when new AI was added forcing players to open the pet Info.
  • Improved connection between pet and owner.
  • Advanced cooking now correctly open up 7 more slots.
  • Fixed issue with NPCs in the cellar of the keep falling.
  • Fixed issue with armor-defense recompute.
  • Fixed issues with Hidden Criminals not being tracked for illegal items.
  • Fixed to hungry to sleep message.
  • Fixed some book descriptions.
  • Dominate books are now found under the creature control group in the library instead of meditation.
  • Fixed issue where trading with a full inventory to a vendor would leave change in slots that were occupied.
  • Fixed issue where pickables sometimes gave you twice the amount you should get when picking.
  • Fixed confusing UI where taxes wouldn't be correctly taken into account when calculating how many days a house had left.
  • The max payment for house taxes now take taxes into account.
  • Fixed issue where placing several catapults oddly enough would make them fire further.
  • Duels are now working again.
  • Fixed issue where you could trick the duel code and give MC to people you where in a duel with.
  • Fixed issue with turn back timers on NPCs.
  • Rice fields and several other fields no longer block attacks.
  • Fixed issues with some fields not being pickable when they should be.
  • Adding a player with pets to your local allowed list will now add his pets to.
  • Made guild-war checks with flags a lot safer on the server.
  • You now only see the bow composite in the bow crafting if you have the skills and they are above 0.
  • Fixed issue where you would see two pets when stabling while only having one and stabling one of them crashed you.
  • Improved guild-flag updating rate when starting/ending wars.
  • Fixed issue where having too many wars could mess things up.
  • Fixed issue where AI would add aggro if you healed yourself. AI will now only do this if someone else is healing their target.
  • Fixed issue where trading bags with items could turn some items invisible.
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