Patch Notes Armor Revamp Patch

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  • You now get exact info on when the server is ready when trying to login while it is still starting.
  • You now get another message when the login server is going down for maintenance.
  • You now get exact version info with the version mismatch login error.
  • Fixed issue that didn't allow some items to be added to the broker as an order.
  • Weapons can now be seen on the login characters.
  • Added slot animations for login characters.
  • Added support for news on the login screen.
  • Added a auto-login system for when the server is booting and you are trying to login.
  • Rebuilt character-mesh system.
  • Added support for scars on characters.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't login if you logged out or failed to login without booting the client.
  • Cleaned up mail-code a bit to fix issues with invisible items.
  • Fixed issues where items dragged directly from mount bags to broker would get messed up.
  • Optimized loading of player textures
  • Optimized loading of player animations
  • Optimized animation system when first getting a new character
  • Music is back in the main menus.
  • Removed blue "loading" message when loading out of the game.
  • Fixed "you need to tame this before mounting" error on login
  • The amount of attribute points you can spend is now related to you ancestry.
  • You can no longer draw a bow when you don't have enough stamina to hold it for a single tick.
  • Holding ALT when starting a block will now always block forward.
  • Fixed issue where dragging items directly from your bank to a broker would cause issues.
  • Fixed some missing potion icons.
  • Fixed issue where consumables could have a negative weight.
  • Fixed issue where combining to a keg would make the keg lose its weight.
  • Removed text feedback from fishing for everything but "pulled your float down". You now need to look at how the float reacts to see when it's time to tug.
  • Added support for pitch rotation on AI to make it follow the ground better.
  • Updated Inverse Kinematics for feet and legs to translate the mesh position for better looking foot placement.
  • Old characters now have a re-customize button that can be used ONCE to customize their characters looks. We still use the old hair system which isn't to nice. With the next engine update the hair will look much better. The same goes for the seams you may see on some body parts. If you have an old char that should have attribute points added you may need to relog once to get that pool available after first log on.
  • Unified and optimized mesh loading for players.
  • Fixed issue with capes not correctly being removed when un-equipped.
  • Fixed issue with cape actors not being correctly managed.
  • Hopefully cleaned up the issue with capes staying on dead people.
  • Fixed better updating of armors when going from dead to alive.
  • Fixed a couple of armor icons for legs.
  • Fixed issue with capes not working in the doll.
  • Fixed rounding error with length in the paperdoll.
  • Fixed issue with paperdoll and doll preview window not updating correctly in the UI.
  • Fixed issue where doll camera could go WAY beyond it's limits.
  • Pre cache load requires a bit more memory now, so it cant be used on 32 bit, if you do that it crashes, be sure to use 64 bit
  • Krampos Buccus has arrived in Tindrem to tell you whose name has been picked from the Urn!
  • 3 New armor types added: Expilator Armor, Direptor Armor and the Tindremic Guard Armor. All requires their own new skill to be crafted.
  • Pickable boulder spawns adjusted in locations and spawn rates
* There are still a few issues with faces on mounted characters, these will be solved in next patch as we are still waiting on some additional animations.
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