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  • You now only drain the double stamina on mounts if you swing.
  • Armor weight now impacts your buoyancy when in water.
  • Added a linear stamina regain reduction when armor weight is above 10 (caps at 30)
  • Added a linear fall distance modifier when armor weight is above 10 (caps at 30 will increase the amount of fall damage) under 10 will reduce it.
  • Added a linear jump height reduction when armor weight is above 10 (caps at 30)
  • Revamped damage bonus calculation. It now goes from -25% to +25%, both strength and size will impact the result and every character will be affected by it.
  • Triple strike damage increased.
  • Re-balanced some weapon heads.

  • Max Speed added to doll under Misc. This is your current max movement speed and is affected by sprinting,walking etc.
  • Max Jump height added under Misc.
  • Re-skinned and re-animated horses so that they now follow the same system as lykiator and molva.
  • Improved sync of underground volumes to make sure the light is correct when under ground.
  • Some new drops added to certain creatures

  • Mesh translation for IK will now blend. (Fixes flickering characters)
  • Fixed issue with glowing characters.
  • Blainn cape should now work as intended again.
  • Fixed issues with faces getting messed up on horses.
  • Fixed issue where flag colors on the targetframe wouldn't always correctly show the flag.
  • Fixed issue where you could take less falldamage if you where falling and started falling again. (thrown off mount into stand up in air into falling again)
  • Improved cross-node abandon for pets. It should now work even if the pet has been removed from the server completely due to some error.
  • Fixed bug that made it so that you sank way to fast if you had above 10 weight and enterd water.
  • Fixed issue with the local flag not correctly resetting when a blue hit a grey.
  • Fixed a couple of other issues with the local flag.
  • Improved updating of flags in the UI.
  • Clamped dye color to make sure it doesn't go over 255 or under 0.
  • Adjusted footstep volumes slightly.
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