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  • Added the new fishes to Taxidermy.
  • Added a new type of semi rare wild life creature.
  • Added the new wild life creature to Taxidermy.
  • Added some Old Chest and Chest keys to humanoid Ai loot tables.
  • Added better support for handles stamina modifications.
  • Added support for allied TS NPCs, these can be used by same guild or allied.
  • Added new Allied Priest TS NPC deed to vendor.
  • Added new Allied Bank TS NPC deed to vendor.
  • Lowered the Demon Portal Blocker HP by 50%
  • Increased the amount of ore you can mine from the the Demorite Rock before its depleted.
  • Decreased the stamina drain on 1h handles by 25%
  • You can no longer eat building scraps.
  • Lowered the base strength requirement of Shortbows by 10
  • Moved the Morin Khur Spiritist and Demonolog traders to outside the West Gate, so their item prices wont get messed up by Town Taxes.
  • You no longer sink in water with above 10 weight, instead you sink when you are above your free weight.
  • Mounted players mounts now take a lot more fall damage.
  • Horse size is now clamped to 285 which was intended to be the max value.
  • Resistance swimming now reduces the stamina drain from 0-75% when swimming.
  • Knockdown timer increased for characters that are; fat +1 sec, bulging +1.5 sec and obese +2 seconds.
  • Changed the calculation for how max armor weight impacts stamina penalty, you now get 0.25 kg threshold increase on each 1kg max armor weight you have above 14kg
  • e.g If your max armor weight is 22, the threshold for when the stamina penalty starts will be at 16kg instead of 14kg
  • Changed the equipment hit calculation, it now takes the shields defense values instead of a set number when calculating equipment hits.
  • Fixed some level streaming issues in Tindrem.
  • Fixed NPC placement slots on mirrored TC walls.
  • Fixed Thursar Warriors holding axes the wrong way.
  • Removed a config options that was being abused to remove water visually on the client.
  • Fixed issue with shields that made them all have 10% piercing damage when crafted.
  • Canvas and books now work again.
  • Fixed issue with Fire protector that made the spell not move to another spell book.
  • Glacier shard can no longer hit a target twice.
  • Fall damage while mounted no longer takes into account the players skill in landing technique.
  • Fixed bug where you wouldn't drop what you where eating when dying.