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  • Alces now also gives molarium when butchered.
  • Rebalanced the NPC Shields to not out match the player crafted ones.
  • Following changes have been made to balance pole weapons, especially those with long blades. (Pole Swords)

    • Increased the stamina drain on 2h long sauroter handle by 20%
    • Increased the stamina drain on 2h long handle by 20%
    • Increased the stamina drain on 2h short handle by 10%

  • Lowered the stamina drain on following weapon heads to compensate for the increased stamina drain on 2H long and short handles:

    • Sledgehammer
    • War Hammer
    • Maul
    • Star Mace
    • War Spear
    • Triple Spear
    • Long Spear
    • Heavy Spear
    • Flanged Mace
    • Kallard Great Axe
    • Kallard Double Axe
    • Hand Axe
    • Halberd
    • Double Axe
    • Brier Axe
    • Great Double Axe
    • Great Axe
    • Scythe
    • Scythe Curved
These weapon heads have had their stamina cost reduced to match the values they had on 2h Short Handles prior to this patch, so for example crafting a 2H Short Handle Halberd will have the same stats as before this patch.
This also makes a lot of these weapon heads more viable to put on 1H Handles.


  • Taking mounted fall damage now correctly sends the damage message of both you and your mount.
  • Fixed a bug where slashing and blunt defense values when crafting shields were reversed.
  • Fixed the wrong Spiritist vendor being moved out from Morin Khur.
  • Fixed a rare crash with shields.
  • Fixed a node-crash related to elementalism.
  • Fixed some issues with Magic Reflection on AI.
  • Fixed issue with slashing damage not correctly calculating when you hit someone on their shield.
  • Fixed the skill description on Resistance Swimming to display the stamina reduction.
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