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Mortal Online new build

This next patch is going to update Mortal Online to a new build of both the Unreal Engine and the network solution. This will allow us to finally solve our current critical issues we could not solve within the old build. This is an important step which had placed most of our planned feature development on hold while this build was prepared.

We have been running a separate test server in parallel to the live server in order to be able to properly test this new build before going live with it. Unfortunately, we have not been able to do this before. Thanks to a very dedicated testing team, we have ironed out the most critical bugs in the new build. We’d like to extend our thanks to the test team who helped us with this.

Patch Notes - Version – Release

Notice: We can't stress this enough. When the launcher is running the patch installer, let it run its course. It will take some time to apply the patch and it might seem like the installer is doing nothing, but it is working. If you reboot or kill the patcher process you run the risk of corrupting you installation, forcing you to do a full reinstall.

Notice of DirectX update:
Make sure you are running the latest version DirectX to avoid issues.
Find the latest version here:

------ FEATURES ------

  • New build on both the network solution and Unreal Engine
  • 64 bit OS support increased memory support
  • Direct X 10 support and performance increase
  • Added high resolution textures on all creatures and the world of Nave
  • Overall optimization and performance increase in the world of Nave
  • SpeedTree added and runs with great performance in the world of Nave
  • Flash support
  • New lighting system, gives better performance on shadows and visual effect of the game
  • Navmesh system implemented into the build
  • Expanded server side checks and included protocols to verify legal in-game actions for players
  • A prediction and interpolation system is now in place

------ ADDITIONS & CHANGES ------

- Rebalanced the crafting of armors: the materials used to make the armor now have a much greater impact on the armors final durability.
- Increased the overall stamina regeneration.

AI & Mounts:
- AI will now move out of the way if they bump into another AI to avoid desynch with the server.
- All mounts have got an increased overall speed.
- The action of bandaging and feeding of pets is no longer instant, but instead done over time.
- The time to finish a bandage attempt and the amount it heals is now based on the Anatomy Skill.
- The creature control skill affects loyalty gain when using feed.
- Pets will now always defend themselves against attackers when they are defensive or aggressive.
- The courage check for pets is now only performed when pet is told to attack a target.
- Pets should now generally follow their tamers better.
- Creatures should now follow their targets in battle better.
- All creatures will now chase targets further distances.
- All creatures should now be more lively in the world.
-All creatures in dungeons should now utilize line of sight, which means that they should not be able to detect any players through any walls.
- Creatures Should now be quicker to discover other players.
- A message is now submitted to the player that successfully receives a transfered pet from another player.
- Pets should now simply be removed, rather than killed when they loose all its loyalty.
- Pets should now only follow their masters whenever they have free line of sight to them.

Art & Sound:
- South East Cantari region has got a big environmental change.
- Optimized city static torches.
- Optimized city Toxai.
- Kranesh got re-propped an optimized.
- Added an extra bank deposit NPC in every blue city for better accessibility.
- Added cloth movement ambiance in Fabernum.
- Added props in Bakti.
- Added props in Fabernum.
- Added props in Morin Khur.
- Added silver/gold/cuprum coins to all guild merchants.
- Underwater propping and fishes added in most populated areas.
- Removed Campodon spawners close to the keep in the east Cantari region.
- Removed a Belbus spawner close to Fabernum.
- Molva beast spawner north of Nereb Magdulu is moved to a more safe spot.
- Gib sounds got a small polish.
- Updated One Handed Sword: idle and right-slash as well as the shield-bash animations. More animations will be recreated later down the line.

- Added support for code driven hit-feedback when a player gets hit, rather then the 3 hit animations we use to have.
- Rebuilt the corpse system, limbs falling of players and corpses in general should now work much better.
- Added more blood to players who loses a limb.
- Added decals and sound when a copped of limb/body hits the ground.
- Players who lose their head will now see their last 4 seconds of living from the bouncing head rather then from their body.
- All blocking animations are now real animations rather then code-driven.
- Boosted the amount of damage heavier weapons do.
- Increased the min amount of time you need to draw a bow before you can release.
- Reduced the amount of stamina you lose when swinging a melee-weapon.
- Added a new special move: Overhead swing.

Housing & Guilds:
- Palisade gates no longer require upkeep.
- Everyone can now stable a pet at other players houses, for a fee of 1 silver, the silver will end up in the house owners chest.

Skills & Attributes:
- The Sprinting skill now only reduces stamina usage while sprinting.
- Foot speed-skill now adds to your max sprinting speed.
- Breathing Technique now adds to your overall move speed out of combat.
- Rebuilt how much HP you regain when getting out of mercy-mode while having the subsisting skill.
- Rebuilt calculation on how much HP you regain while resting with active regeneration.

- Scaleform/Flash is now supported and we have started to use this system for the library user interface.

------ BUG FIXES ------

- Fixed an exploit with storages.
- Screen dragging is fixed.
- All players should now correctly have their armor on when dying rather then sometimes dying as naked.

AI & Mounts:
- Various bugs and performance fixes with pets and mounts.
- Issue resolved where mounts became greyflagged each time its owner unmounted.

Art & Sound:
- Fixed the issue preventing 7.1 sound from playing (e.g Logitech G35 should function properly now).
- Fixed several graphical bugs in Fabernum.
- Fixed several stuck spots in the mountains north of Nereb Madgulu.
- All static torches that plays a sound by daytime should now play at night time instead.
- Gib sounds are now correctly spatialized.
- Landing sounds are now correctly spatialized.
- Female characters should now play all sounds when fishing.
- Fixed some flying props in eastern steppe.

Blocking Endurance stamina bug is fixed.

Housing & Guilds:
- Buying siege weapons should now work again.
- When searching for houses, the ghost house should no longer disappear when you get close to them.
- Fixed a bug where some guild war flags didn't update at all.
- Fixed a bug where the first guild war declared didn't get both guilds flags set correctly.
- Fixed a bug where guild war flags didn't get updated correctly when wars ended.
- Fixed a bug where guild war flags didn't get updated correctly when wars started.
- Fixed a bug where territory control votes did not get properly recounted and ownership therefore did not get set.
- Fixed a bug where guild war flags got calculated incorrectly when in combat.

- Fixed the Input bug on create guild window.
- Fixed the typos on GoldCoin SilverCoin CuprumCoin they are now named Gold Coin, Silver Coin and Cuprum Coin.

------ KNOWN ISSUES ------

- Opening the Profile window ('P') will increase gamma incorrectly.
- The Library UI will become unresponsive if you press 'Z' when its open. To “re-activate” it, target the librarian again and press 'R'.
- 64 bit support did not make it but it will get patched in as soon as we can.


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- Underwater propping and fish added in most populated areas.

not very interesting

No, not at all :rolleyes:

Only adding navmesh, the new prediction system, spreedtree and high res textures. DAMN!

Good job SV - lets hope its as good as it sounds.. If it is.. I'll be subbing!
Now get to work on Tindrem! :p


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Epic :D
Nice fucking patch.. lets hope it all works out.

Edit: Could we have one ss with high res plox?


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Seems they decided for speedtree which makes me anxious to return to the jungle.

Was hoping for more in the pets section but I guess it will come in the future.

Combat seems to have a lot of changes in the stamina system I will only comment after testing but looks good (on paper) the nerf to shortbows was also needed (even though I am an archer).


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nice start

still there is lot more to do:

- flash interface done for everything
- keep and houses vault system overhaul
- important bug fixes (mounted charge, stamina regeneration bug with bow etc)

but we knew the epic patch was just the beginning. hopefully next patch we will see those things ;)
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