Patch Notes V1.80.00.03

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  • Upgraded to a more recent unreal engine.
  • Re-added support for first person helmet overlays.
  • Added a bunch of new custom helmet overlays.
  • Improved UI and stat connection to avoid desync between the two.
  • Built a cheaper unified stat-calcing class. This sound speed up UI updates a tiny bit.
  • Added support for /option command.
    This command will set a booleon option in the options menu from the chat.
    Use /option ? to see what options can be set, this is mainly implemented to give player the ability to make a macro for their hot bar to quickly change bSwapAltFunction or bMouseCombatBlock based on what weapon they use rather then having to enter the options menu.
    "/options bSwapAltFunction true" will set it to true
    "/options bSwapAltFunction false" will set it to false
    "/options bSwapAltFunction" will set it to true if it's false and false if it's true.
  • Added sound to deathFX
  • Added more checks to the swap-item slots UI part.
  • Using a pet receipt will now give a message to inform you that it worked.
  • Cleaned up and wrote a lot of skill descriptions.
  • Added bFootStepSound_Self to turn of your own footsteps only
  • Added full support for extra particles and sound when hit per hit group.
  • Added support for hit feedback on player legs.
  • Built better support for initial animations when you first load a character (such as sleeping, sitting etc).
  • Added support for weapons that can not be used while mounted.
  • Fledglings can no longer damage things that would make him/her a criminal.
    Instead they will get a message explaining what would happen if they did.
  • Fledglings can no longer loot things that would make him/her a criminal.
    Instead they will get a message explaining what would happen if they did.
  • Added new "burnt loot bag" this will be dropped by AI that burns up as their death effect.
  • Tweaked decapitation blood for more..blood.
  • Built a more unified options system to make it easier to add ingame options.
  • Added /oculus chat command.
    This will turn on the oculus rift rendering and control mode.
    Note that this is still very early work in progress and needs a lot more tweaking but is kinda cool.
  • Added description to horse shoes.
  • Added description to horse blinders.
  • Improved particle spawning for corpse that lost limbs.
  • Improved how the last damage influences rag dolls.
  • Added support for /emote commands that doesn't play an animation. These will show up as <player> <emote> and can be used for RP. Emotes have the same range as local chat.
  • Added support for /order commands. Order commands gets sent as a LOCAL guildchat and will popup on you guildfriends screens. This is useful for commanding your guildmates around in a hectic guildfight.
    Both of these now support "tgt" and "me" where "tgt" will be replaced with the name of your target and "me" will be replaced with your name.
  • Rebuilt gathering system, it's now based on the material of what you are looking at rather then the actor.
  • Added woodcutting and mining to the new material-based gather system.
    How does this new system affect the game? Using materials instead of mesh or actors gives us a much better way of handeling what you can mine/woodcut/pick. We can also have have more then one action on a single mesh. You can for example pick moss from a stone or mine from it depending on where you aim. It also makes it a lot more clear where you can mine since you can recognize the material rather then the mesh.
    Further more we can no support things such as being able to use woodcutting on different parts of a tree to get slightly differet wood etc.
  • Improved sound feedback when taking damage.
  • Added Negotiation Volume II
  • Added support for quantity when combining.
  • Added support for MLAA and FXAA.
  • You will now get a message saying your caps-lock is on if you get bad acc/pw with it on.
  • Added a message when you try to mine/woodcut with a invalid weapon.
  • Added a 0.5 silent stun to magic to avoid spam.
  • Added a extra check when charging spell to make sure you are not allready ready to fizzle that spell by moving before starting the cast.
  • Improved campfire particle effects.
  • Severly improved the loading/balance system of avatars.
  • Improved cleanup of corpse depending on how many you are currently seeing and added a "forced" version to avoid it impacting the framerate.
  • Improved attaching riders to mounts.
  • Built priority system for avatar loading.
  • Old cape system removed and translated into a new system with Apex cloth simulation.
  • Improved loading of armor icons.
  • Added support for the new hair-shader.
  • Added extra check when opening house chests to make sure the player is in the house.
  • Built system for scaling day/night detail level.
  • Built support for setting the culldistance of landscape foliage.
  • Built support for turning of shadows on landscape foliage.
  • Built support for turning of light accept on landscape foliage. For some foliage this will turn them very dark but the FPS increase is really good.
  • Added the reddist to the game.
  • Added support for individual gathering cost.
  • /macro command added, does the same as /macros
  • Added /screenshot command to the chat-manager
  • Added new movement sounds for Lykiators and Molvas

  • Myrland reworked.
  • Moved most calculations in c++ from UC making them run faster.
  • Booting the game will now boot into the login map instead of starting another map that loads the login map.
    This should speed up the process and make it less likely to crash.
  • Removed more unused code from client builds making the client slightly faster.
  • Cleaned out code from level streaming to make it safer from crashing when streaming new levels.
  • Cleaned out a whole lot of old and unused content to shrink the client size a bit.
  • Moved some in game loading from runtime to the initial start of the game.
    This should make the game start slower but reduce the amount of "stutter" lag caused by loading objects after getting into the game.
  • Moved some stuff around to make garbage-collection when swapping maps more secure.
  • Improved loading of none-animated objects a little bit.
  • Removed "Something pulls the float down" message
  • Zoo-skills now longer affect if you have a chance to gain taming XP when taming. (This will make it easier to raise taming manually.)
  • Changed http solution for the clients.
  • Made http calls asynchronous this means you should no longer get a freeze when you open broker or change UI etc.
  • Daily login update will now cleanup more lost items.
  • Traps now give combat messages.
  • Loading will no longer play a breathing effect when getting the initial stamina.
  • Increased update speed of UI when targeting.
  • Generally improved code-structure for targeting.
    This should decrease the amount of "odd behavior" caused by targeting.
  • Chests no longer count as combat targets
  • Removed the skill regeneration.
  • Loot will no longer sink in water.
  • Increased server sided loot range.
  • Improved loot bag placement. If a spot can't be found it will stay floating instead of being sent to a position where it can't be used.
  • Reduced velocity gain when falling of a mount.
  • Tweaked the create timers (used to make sure not to many NPCs are created at once) to better reflect what they should do.
    If you have a lot of hard lagging when loading NPCs make sure to set your AvatarUpdateLevel to a lower value.
  • Improved the playermanager to make sure to avoid doing a lot of heavy character operations at once.
  • Improved initial loading of characters.
  • Fledgling timer set to 1h from 8h.
  • You no longer lose your fledgling flag when leaving the tutorial unless you use the end tutorial command.
  • Tweaked LOD distance on horses.
  • Animal Care now gain experience regardless of the level of your pets.
  • Increased the XP gain you get when skilling up Animal Care.
  • Potion ticket vendor removed.
  • Removed Pig Meat from the grocer.
  • Removed Rye Flour from the grocer.
  • Improved loading of avatars when you are first entering the game.
  • Using bandages will no longer give a message saying you consumed it.
  • Bandages no longer shows decimals in the HP gained message.
  • Improved refining messages to make it more clear what goes wrong.
  • Raw fish sell values has been tweaked.
  • Improved release-client building system. This will decrease the client size and improve peformance in game.
  • SweetFX support is scrapped.
  • Update ghost/manifested post process.
  • Falldamage to mounts is now treated as blunt damage.
  • Placement of NPC/AI now uses the client sided navmesh as it's first pass.
  • Rebuilt day/night cycle to make it a lot easier to work with for the artists.
  • Player scale on mounts should now work better (instead of scaling down or up to the size of the mounts)
  • You will now only hear a very small amount of sounds when in the ether-worlds.
  • Removed go to nearest priest for fledglings.
  • Fledglings now correctly get the shorter 9 sec logout when in a town.
  • All secondary hotbars are now auto-bound to nothing.
  • Cleaned up game folder structure.
  • Did a pass on .dll files that ship with the game and removed unneeded versions.
  • Stuck can now only be used once per 10 min.
  • AllowMotionBlur is now off by default.
  • Changed a resource to so that it can be used as a purify potion ingredient.
  • Guild-acronyms are now case-sensetive
  • Increased the amount you can gather from Barley, Corn, Oat, Rice, Spelt and Rye.
  • Added more short range attacks to Spider Queens.

  • Reduced damage boost by 50% from riding fast and hitting someone.
  • Weapon skills now increase damage from 25% of full dmg to 100% From level 0 - 100. (Used to be 50% at level 0)
  • Arrow speed slightly reduced.
  • You no longer sprint faster in combat mode.
  • Strength requirements on bows now directly impact damage instead of just impacting the range.
  • Longbows can no longer be used on a mount. (Only short bows and Asymmetrical bows)
  • Longbow strength requirement slightly lowered.
  • Adjusted damage of sator spears.
  • Slightly increased thrust mod on
    1h Curved Quillion
    1h Star Quillion
    1h Small Horned BH
    1h Quillion Cup BH
  • Slightly reduced durability on lance handles.
  • Reduces sharpness on flakestone.
  • Reduces sharpness on maalite.
  • You can now only block and parry melee attacks.
  • Ranged attacks can now only be blocked if you have a shield.
  • Slightly reduced the amount of extra damage you deal using velocity from a mount.
  • Slightly increased the min speed you need to have to get the extra velocity damage when hitting someone while mounted.
  • Updated trace notifiers for attacks with Unarmed Shield
  • All block animations have been updated.
  • Sorted all mounted bow animations and unified them a bit.
  • Updated aim with a bow on mounts.
  • Added new skill called "Aiming Technique" this skill reduces stamina drain with a drawn bow from 0 - 50%
  • Added new skill called "Controlled Aiming" this skill will decrease the extra stamina drained when using focus from 0 - 100%
  • Added new skill called "Marskmanship" this skill will increase the weakspot chance on headshots with bows from 0 - 50%
  • Changed hit feedback bones to make it more visually obvious where you hit.
  • Handles can now directly affect the amount of stamina a weapon drains depending on if it's used as a 2h or not.
  • Hold breath while aiming with a bow on foot now a little bit more effective.

  • Mounts now also correctly pitch their rotation based on what they are standing on.
  • Mounted players will now pitch depending on what they are standing on.
  • Adjusted horse size.
  • Updated hit boxes on unmounted mounts.
  • Added full support for the 5 decapitations on AI.
  • Added all mounts to the new gib system.
  • Added support for different decapitation particles (for ai) depending on if the striker used blunt or slashing.
  • Improved spawn location of blood spray when hitting AI.
    It should now spawn more correctly depending on where you hit.
  • Slightly optimized mounts with and without riders.
  • Removed prancing/rear when stopping.
  • Lykiator max climb angle have been reduced to a number slightly less then players.
  • Decreased max dex and max speed of lykiators by 5%
  • You can no longer mount mounts that you can not control using your pet points.
  • Max speed in the doll will now update with the speed of your mounts current max speed (depending on throttle)
  • Max jump in the doll will now update with the jump height of your mount when mounted.
  • Items that are used to decrease the cost of pets will now correctly show the new cost in the pet window.
  • Trot replaced with Canter on horse. (blend speeds tweaked)
  • All mounts now drop carcass loot bags and not humanoid loot bags.
  • Rabbits now drop small carcass loot bags.
  • Fixed hit boxes on pigs.
  • Fixed issue where AI that shouldn't bleed sometimes did when they got killed (for example skeletons)
  • Fixed issue where mount equipment wouldn't correctly improve some mount stats.
  • Improved display name updating of new avatars on clients.
    All none-player avatars will now show their default display name instead of "npc" before getting their display name.
  • Tweaked loading of npcs to get away from the "bouncing into view
  • Reduced the min size of horses
  • Balanced knockdown chance to make it more difficult to knockdown with mounts that aren't very strong or large.

  • Fixed rare inital startup crash.
  • Possible fix on auto-login after logging out crashing the client.
  • Fixed a garbage collection crash.
  • Fixed issues where the mastersoundvolume wouldn't correctly work on every type of sound.
  • Fixed issue where FOV would not be correctly set on mainmenu cameras.
  • Fixed spear stance face.
  • Maxspeed in the doll should now correctly update when dead.
  • Possible fix for the autologin crash.
  • Fixed issue where books would seem to carry over in the UI when you swapped characters.
  • Fixed issues with items when logging out while skinning/extracting.
  • Possible fix for floating capes.
  • Removed odd behavior that let you target things that were out of range just to have the UI reset seconds later because they are out of range.
  • Fixed issue when swapping items with a item in a bag that is in a bank.
  • Improved general updating of items in bags that are in banks to avoid similar issues.
  • Fixed issue with items that were being mailed directly from pet/bag or bank.
  • Fixed issue where dragging items directly from a bag into the broker would sell the whole set.
  • Bags that time out on the broker will now correctly send back all it's items.
  • Made sure that bags that got picked up from mail will also pickup items in the bag.
  • Fixed issue where using a pet receipt would spawn the pet beside you once the server rebooted.
  • Fixed issue where pickingup and droping an item really quickly would break the UI and make item invis.
  • Sending silver with only gold in your inventory in the mail no longer makes invis silver in your backpack.
  • You can no longer equip things from a bag in a bank.
  • Added more range checks when equipping and unequipping from a pet.
  • Added a possible fix for rare but horrible infinite "already logged in" issue.
  • Brining up mainmenu with escape while you have hud off will now turn on the hud again.
  • Changed default spell name from "[unknown]" to "spell".
  • Fixed issues with all spells showing up as [unknown] in text
  • You no longer get two messages when throwing spells on yourself.
  • Stamina in the paperdoll now updates in realtime.
  • Fixed distance check when trying to using extraction tools.
  • Fixed issue with equipment in bags that got directly equipped from the bag not getting detached from the bag.
  • Clients can no longer gain xp from damaging things that can not die.
  • Fixed missing "Your line snapped and your hook is gone!" message when fishing.
  • Fixed issue with deposit caps not correctly counting items in bags.
  • Fixed "look at" rotation for guards and pigs to avoid the headbanging.
  • Improved "look at" for all mounts.
  • Fixed UI glitch where local flags would clientsided reset if one of the two didin't take any damage in a while.
  • Fixed an issue where crashing or logging out in water could cause odd behavior.
  • You can no longer chat empty messages.
  • You can no longer yell when dead.
  • Fixed name on arena priest.
  • Fixed issue where arena priests would give you a "can't do this while dead" message.
  • Fixed issue where NPCs that died sometimes wouldn't correctly work again after coming back.
  • Cleaned up error code messages.
  • Fixed up issues with AI attacks not triggering the correct client hit-feedback.
  • Fixed issues with arena not correctly flagging stuff.
  • Fixed issue with the "Mind grew tired" timer not resetting correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where mounted mages could get into a annoying "always fizzle" state after several fizzles in a row.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with timers in combat. This mostly affected magic.
  • Fixed issue where ears would stick out of helmets when mounted.
  • Fixed issue where dominated creatures could no longer be tamed.
  • Fixed "save screenshot" not correctly being auto-bound.
  • Fixed a couple of checks when swapping items in the bank.
  • You can no longer place objects from a mount.
  • Improved the playermanager in a attempt to sort out the humanoid bug.
  • Fixed alvarin text in the character creation.
  • Fixed issues with chemical reactions and how much potion you would get as a result of it.
  • Fixed a crash when loading houses.
As there have been a complete map rebuild there will most likely be some minor issues.
Please report map/world related bugs in this bug tracker thread:
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