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All races have the option to start in Fabernum.

Made Fabernum the "location of choice" for all new characters.
Removed the random option from the select starting location screen.
Added some new info on the starting location screen.
Fledglings can no longer construct or repair placeables (including towers).


Santa is now in Fabernum and the Tindremic populace, in following their traditions, have picked a house to pillage: be sure to take part in the looting while it lasts!


Bank upgrades now require more resources, which will in turn give more total HP:

6000 Metal
35000 Stone
20000 Wood

Black Towers:

Tier 2 and Tier 3 are now a bit more expensive.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a typo when using a combat move without enough stamina.

Fixed an issue which caused the tower UI to not show the max hp.
Fixed an issue in the tower UI that made it so that the cluster cost did not include the cost of keep NPCs.
Fixed an issue where it would take a long time before a captured city would become officially under the control of the capturing guild.
Fixed some issues with The Sword of Tears.
Fixed an animation issue that made the overhead strike and spear stance run a lot faster on clients than it should.
Cleaned up some synch issues with overhead strike.
Fixed some issues with placeables: it is now possible to place them in houses and easier to place them in tunnels.
Fixed an issue where you could extract banked items.
Fixed a bug where you could not damage a tower past a certain defense level with melee.


Weapon damage and weight slightly changed.

Fireball range and visuals adjusted.

City Magistrates:

  • Keeping a good relationship with your citizens can be worth the reward!
The options does not cost any points; however, the magistrates will check to see how many players there are in their town. The number of players will be transformed into Prominence and sent to the controlling guild. The number of PP the city will give your guild will start at a negative value meaning a city with little or no players in it will cost PP rather then generate it for your guild. Trial accounts do not count as members of your city when this is calculated.

This means that you should try to keep your city filled with players to make sure that it produces Prominence for your guild!
Exciting ^^


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What do you mean by "pending"? No fixed date for the patch? Could be tomorrow or next week or next year?


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Seems good


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Me disappoint. I want throwable snowballs for xmas :(
Quite interesting lore tbh ;)

I like the twitter update and the patchnotes tho ^^
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Santa and house???
From the Tindremic Empire lore:

Amongst the most important days of celebration are The Imperial Gladiator festival that lasts for about 30 days, and the Raffle of Caerus which is a yearly event in the honour of the god of fortune. In the latter festival the name of a Nobilitas is drawn from an urn, resulting in open and legalised plunder for anyone of the selected person’s house and belongings. The household is then driven away and banished while the participants of the celebration cheer. This festival is meant to show the god of fortune’s inherent fickleness, but as with everything in Tindrem political motives play a major part since it appears to be possible to bribe your way out of the urn using the right connections.

It happened for the first time on Christmas 2010, now it's time to make it happen again. ;)
Did you ever notice the destroyed house into Fabernum?
Raffle of Caerus video


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If you guys reduced fireball range I will be very dissapointed. It was almost useful for a split sec.
What do you mean by "pending"? No fixed date for the patch? Could be tomorrow or next week or next year?
I think it means that it may change a bit for the most part. Versions usually are created based on the changes and the fixes in the patch, so they usually aren't versioned until a company is sure about the numbers. I assume that is what it means anyway.
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