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Hello all.

Old player looking to redo most dungeons at a slow pace for nostalgia, and wanting to do steam achievements. Will doctor characters to aid you as payment.

I have played since 2013, although for the last 3 years it has been very infrequent. I have been to wars, done lots of dungeons, but there are some things I havent experienced in the game that I would like to before MO2 comes along, or before MO1 shuts down, anyway (which they claim is not planned to happen).

I need an excuse to sub. I have been doting around on Haven with my girlfriend, teaching her the ropes as a f2p. If there is a group that has enough hands to help me experience the things I want to experience, I will dedicate a four slot account to your cause. During this "pandemic" I have nearly another 2 full weeks of freedom, and potentially more / longer.

Things I want to do, which are not all for profit at all. Also, I do not want to shimmy by and skip half the dungeons/areas in order to get the boss/loot... I want to actually trudge through the content and learn about it all. I am also hunting steam achievements:
  • The Aur Boss Pit, as well as all the dungeons in Sarducca. I do not need to do the Queen as I have done that on MA.
    • I've been in.. one of the dungeons in Sarducca. It had some really interesting boss creatures, but the run was frantic, and a long time ago.
  • The new Minotaur Dungeon
    • I'd like to see the new layout and creatures, including the Serpent!
  • The Risar Dungeon
    • I have done the Risar dungeon before but cut corners and rushed it.
  • The Sator Dungeon (again, I'd like to actually explore all of this. Not interested in speed or profit.)
    • Same as Risar dungeon.
  • Any other larger scale content I am not able to recall.
    • I have killed a Thorax, Timingla, and Greater Kimuru no need for those.
  • I would like the opportunity to PICK UP a relic, for the steam achievement and also because I have never had the chance.

  • I would like to go to War, and fight in it, until the war is called off.
    • I have fought in war many times, but they often stretch for months before either side calls them off. I just want to have one and see the end of one, mostly for Steam Achievements.
  • There used to be rumors of a hidden area or dungeon that lead to a dragon, I'm sure they were false, however I did spend a lot of time looking.
    • If such a thing were real...
I am unsure of the current layout of my main account - I know I will have a cook, and I have a mostly finished armorsmith. One slot will be the character I use to actively play, and the forth I believe is a weaponsmith. However, I am flexible and willing to change things up in order to fulfill niches needed by your guild, if you agree to take me on the above adventures.

I offer a fairly relaxed, open minded perspective, and have voice comms (Discord). I do not do well with immature energy, name calling, etc, but I can tolerate it to an extext. As far as PvP, I am very very rusty and my internet is not the best.. But I remember the just, and can work at at.