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Rohinan Sarduccan Shop Relocated in Meduli and Tinderum :

Hello, Mortal World i have a news for you Rohinan Sarduccan Shop is Reopened in Meduli and Tinderum But this time For both Armoury, butchery Services a Service Target No Profit and almost Free .

It was great Ride Mortal World and i am blessed to know each and every one of you Unfortunately My Ride has Come To an End For i have Decided to Leave the Game For Good But before do So i am trying my best To bring Small measure of Comfort and peace To this World i dearly Loved So i Try Doing the best i Can Do To make Your Life much easier in Tinderum and Meduli .

From tomorrow Armour Parts be sold by the price of Cost and Lower depending on Armour materials and also with Discount more than 60% and i make sure to be online Daily Start from 5 P.M Central Europe TimeZone to 7 P.m to take special orders, New players will be giving free armours and items to help them Start the Game .

Butchery Services are Free Charge i am a Full Lore who Can Do Reptile - Mammalia with any amount and Completely Free in Tinderum and meduli .

all will be Displayed on broker but here is the Price Menu of any armour Set if You want specific Items ;

Tinderum :

Silk / Silk Gear 2G on broker , 80s if u catches me Online .
Silk / ironbone 4G on broker , 2G80S _________________
Silk / khleed - Horned Scales _________________________
Silk / Plate Scale 6G on broker , 4G 80s _______________

Guard Fur / Guard Fur 1G 80s on broker , 60s__________
Guard Fur / Khleed - Horned Scales 3G on broker , 1G 80s
Guard Fur / iron bone ______________________________
Guard fur / plate scales 5G on broker , 3G 80s __________

iron Wool / iron Wool 4G on broker , 2,80S ____________
ironwool / iron bone 4G on broker , 2G 80s ________
iron Wool / plate Scales 5G on broker , 3G80s _______

iron silk / iron Silk 6G on Broker , 4G 80s _______

Meduli :

Silk / Silk 2G on broker , 80S ________
Silk / Leptoid scales 6G on broker , 4G 80s ______
4G , 2G80s
ivory / ivory 10G on broker , 8G 80s _______

*Panser scales online order Only Cost is Changeable and Negotiable in both Town .

A thank you Message For those Who helped me During My time in Mortal World it was Great Honour For me to have you by my Side .

Serenely, Rohinan The Last of Evermore .
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More service Sets Stocked in tind and Meduli Brokers with Larger Selections and Non Profitable Prices, add ironWool bedai Hunter Sets for people who Like Shiny Armours and Add over-Doses Large Amount of Fat Good Soph Food price 2G per k and a Fire Sale For mounts in Beth jedda 10G for Horse .

My Service soon Will include Shield - Mounts - weapons and and bows Soon and as Always Lower prices than any one and a Perfect Quality Enjoy .
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