RBT continues to work! Small political statement.

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In an era of poverty, migration, instability and scarcity, the RBT is available to the people of Myrland once again. Like the legendary ICH house, (where my master the great Ichorus taught me the secrets of forging and mining) the RBT is now the shield where the poor and dispossessed can find bread, work, livelihood and luxury.

While a large part of the population cannot access the most valuable metals and the most sophisticated products, the Royal Bank of Tindrem remains the gateway to the prosperity of all Myrland homes.
The ohgmium and the cronite will never again be a monopoly of a few. Regardless of whether large houses close or open the northern Tepra mines, the RBT guarantees broad access to the best resources of myrland.

Since I began my career as a merchant and businessman, my first goal was to make sure that the ohgmium and the cronite were no longer a monopoly of a few. Now, thanks to my constant work this is a reality that nobody can change anymore. It is an irreversible fact.

My attention is now on the sale of luxury items and wholesale arms supply agreements for entire guilds.
I want all the houses that need combat equipment to contact me.
No matter if you have an army of 50 men, or a patronage company of 5 men, I can assure you a constant flow of weapons and armor at the best price.
When you go to my forge in search of advanced equipment, you are buying the best that can be found in Myrland.
I manufacture the best weapons of Oghmium and cronite that the market can offer and if you cannot acquire those luxury items...

I am willing to finance in the long term the houses that demand my help to sign annual agreements for the manufacture and sale of weapons and armor.

Now you can enjoy the best weapons and armor just by contacting me.
Stop being a wimp in the hands of the big houses and arm your men with the best!

Do not lead your soldiers to unequal battles! Give them the right weapons to win wars!


The RBT continues to reinvent itself and work big.
I am willing to free capital to finance guilds and houses that seek to settle and grow!
I like nothing better than attending and helping those houses that have goals and ambitions. Be they traders or warriors!

Are you tired of being used and discarded by the warlords without receiving any reward for your loyalty?
Join me! In my castle you can live with all comfort and traquility and enjoy a prosperous, comfortable and luxurious existence!
Stop shedding your blood in useless wars that will help you prosper and join the RBT in search of prosperity and eternal happiness!

Small political clarification.

The RBT is now moving to a new location near Bakty, in the great fortress of the great lake, where I once lived as a member of ICH. It will be my new operations center and there I will live comfortably installed.

Everyone who wants to live there with me either as allies or members of my house is welcome.
I plan to create an area of prosperity and comfort in that area, so I am confident that it will be a hot economic area and also of pvp, now that more and more guilds are moving to that area.

There is neither an emperor nor a government, so since we live installed in the most absolute chaos, I consider myself perfectly legitimized to settle in my new lands as lord and live according to my own rules. I am perfectly capable of maintaining my castle, so I will be there for a long time and I plan to stay until the gods destroy Myrland. I will not accept the authority of any imperial institution until a new emperor is proclaimed by all the houses.

My desire now is to create my own political faction in Myrland, grouping as many houses as I can, to try to walk my own path and find a way to make Myrland prosper again. I want to group many houses that are small and have no voice and group in such a way that we force a real change in myrland. It is a new stage that motivates me and drives me to improve as an inhabitant of Nave. I don't want people to live in misery, I want them to thrive and see my dream of a lively myrland come true with hundreds of knights covered in ohgmium and cronite. I want to see that ideal world come true in Myrland, just as I always dreamed.

And with the help of the god soldeus I will make it.

I have no interest in bowel disputes between bigger houses, wars and old quarrels. I don't care about all that.
His affairs are none of my business and I am not going to intrude or facilitate siege weapons to anyone, either on one side or the other. All of Myrland's old enemies are perfectly capable of killing each other without my help.

The siege guns I have available are safe in a bank and they will stay there until I may need them one day.
I don't like sieges and I don't want to ruin the work of others. It is hard enough to maintain a fortress to endure stupid senseless sieges. I respect all the guilds and I want to be a factor of conciliation, friendship and cooperation, not a factor of destabilization, hatred, fanaticism and economic misery.

I really like watching fights and fighting but I don't want to besiege anyone and I won't join any coalition or alliance against any guild for make sieges or similar shit. i follow the way that Ichorus teach me. Simply move my own way and give all respect.

I want to thank Lord Aku, the venerable lord of the RPK house, for facilitating the development of my project.
He was very reasonable in his demands when I was interested in his keep. Honestly thanks.
Now is the time to walk my own way. It is an exciting stage.

Thanks to TDK and ASH for their competent work supplying me with raw materials for the construction and repair of my fortress. You guys are doing a great job.


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