Sarducaa Release - 17/5

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Henrik Nystrom

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Sarducaa will be released this Sunday, 17/5.

In order to ensure maximum stability for this release, Sarducaa will go live in the morning (Swedish time) and we will monitor everything throughout the day and be prepared to fix and patch any possible issues that may occur.

I want to express once again that the development of further polished areas, improvement in AI, new content, etc, will NOT stop with the release of Sarducaa. The geography of the continent is finished, and as you can read in the patch notes there have been tons of polish and new content put into to game with Sarducaa, but we will continue working on even more content and polish after the release. We've covered pretty much all the planned and designed locations and mobs we had for Sarducaa but there are a few we don't have in-game yet which you will get in some of our follow-up patches we have planned for after Sarducaa. We prefer to deploy smaller and frequent patches over one huge patch, but there was no such option with the continent build.

We are very proud to deliver the long awaited continent, the world is now growing to more than double the size and we can't wait to see you explore the new lands!

We will add multiple seeding hosts for the patch on Sunday which means most users should get satisfactory download speeds via the launcher, as this will be the easiest and secured way to download the new patch.

However, you can already pre-download the standalone torrent patch (Note that this patch cannot be deployed until Sunday when the patch day is live!!!)

Please don't do this if you don't know how the torrent standalone version works, we recommend using our launcher and let the game patch itself the normal way.

GM Galenus

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Quick note! Need to stress that you NOT install the patch linked above until the version goes live on Sunday. Otherwise you'll have a version mismatch and won't be able to log into the game.
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