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Post your favorite good-looking screenshots here for a chance to win 500 Ivoryhide units. Contest closes this Sunday Jan 13, 11:59PM EST

I'm looking for aesthetically pleasing screenshots, maybe we'll do funny ones down the road. The screenshot with the most likes will be considered the winner. Don't care how old, just use your personal favorites.

Also, 2 entries per person MAX but make them separate posts so the votes can be tallied accordingly.

I'll post a few here but of course i'm not in the contest!

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Why the sad face for mine Mingxia? :(
Cos we won't see that style again in Mo and there won't be any good stuff screenshots like that ... nothing against you it's a good choice but brings more memories


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See the funny position of the sun as light source in the second image:

MortalOnline 2018-10-14 15-33-44-78.png MortalOnline 2018-03-17 19-31-50-21.png
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It would seem we have a tie between @Xunila and @agead_drem . We can extend this another few days or you two can split the winnings?

I'll wait for your responses.


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the buged sun is priceless, still no fix from SV xD

both are great screens i would say plit it, xD
I just posted to post - I'm all for Xunila receiving the Ivory Hide, thanks for the Community TC that you've shared in the past @Xunila


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Contest over, but i am digging in a old hard drive and making some space,and i find old screenshots related to MO almost giving me tears of nostalgia.

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