Services and Mercantile List

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These are my aliases and what they can offer you.

Nefan the Botanist
Trained in Botany, Milling, Cooking, Animal Materials, Herbalism.
I offer various food on the Tindrem Broker. Search Nefan for good pricing and a variety of food depending on my stocks. I can also cook most everything - so if you come across some supplies you need prepared, send me a message.

I often have various Buy Orders listed of the botanical variety. Check to see some nicely weighted listings that can be found locally and gathered sparsely in your travels. Turn in a few handfuls and get some coin. Easy money!


Jordka the Weaponsmith
Trained in all types of Weaponry.
Jordka offers various weaponry on the Tindrem Broker. Search Jordka for a selection of light weapons meant for farming and skirmishes. I am skilled in all weapon types (almost, working on it), and if you have a custom order - send me a message.


Soliron the Armorsmith
Trained in Armor Crafting, Shield Crafting, and Butchery.
Soliron offers nothing on the broker, but if you need armor from animal materials or a shield, send me a message. If you'd like to set up a butchery contract, that would be arranged as well.


Timewick the Contractor
Trained Foot Soldier and Archer.
Timewick is my warrior and foot archer. If you need a guide who is skilled in game knowledge (but not so skilled at dueling), or an extra hand for an adventure, send me a message.


Well x 1
Brazier x 4
Stables x 1
Market Stand x 1
Utility Vendor x 1
Mount Equipment Vendor x 1

PM me.

Buy Orders:
Horn Pepper 60 gold / stack
Malus Fruit 60 gold / stack
Pirium 60 gold / stack
Common Vitis 60 gold /stack
All listed and gatherable in and around Tindrem.

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