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It slows the game down a lot, there isnt much interaction between players unless they are extorting them, harassing them, or killing them. It doesnt matter who they are they just feel like killing defenseless players cause they are pussies who wont take on a real challenge. The economy doesnt work well. if you want anything you either have to know someone or join a guild. theres too much demand not enough supply. either way if everyone was able to craft the stuff they wanted doesnt mean they would take the time to do it. i would rather buy it then craft it but since no one ever sells good shit thats not possible in MO.


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This thread needs to get locked.
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Maybe if you stop replying then everyone will stop replying hm? or can you just not keep your mouth shut either?
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This is not a good idea because if skills are unlimited no trade would happen and contact between players would diminish (everyone could craft everything). If there is class system, players won't have freedom to change their profession or change specific skill inside their profession. Although current system is not close to perfect is still makes every char in game specific, especially crafters, since everyone has some specific skill developed, while sacrificing another skill.
and i dont think skills should be unlimited to where you could craft everything or do everything, i think they should add like the perk system they have on skyrim where you have to choose what you want to learn or be better at, but the skill itself still plays a role
In my opinion they should take away skill points, they really limit your characters potential, if your gonna have the skill points please just make a class system instead cause thats basically what everyone does anyway. but if you added that it would completely ruin the game. so just take away skill points please.
So your argument is that skill points limit a characters potential, but then you want a class system?

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I never said i want a class system, i said you might as well have a class system with the way the current skills system is. Big difference
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