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Henrik Nystrom

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Dear community,

Today we’d like to make a new update regarding our progress in both territory control and the character/armor system.

We have now solved most issues which we have struggled with regarding the character skinning system and it’s progressing extremely quickly; the heads, which is the trickiest part, are just about done now. Remaining are body parts and armor parts which shouldn’t take too much time. For us to be able to take the last step we are also making an important update in our engine, which gives us full DirectX 11 support and the complete and final replacement of our current GUI system, including new login, character creation and selections.

Here is a screenshot of the head details which we are getting. Please keep in mind when taking this close-up within the game engine there is quite a bit of FoV (field of view) distortion on the edges making the overall shape a bit odd. You can see the high detail level of the textures and shader, as well as some of the tattoo and scar options. This system allow us to fulfill one of our old favorite features: being able to get unique scars and tattoos by either fighting the right foes or by paying the service needed to get a new tattoo. When cutting someone’s head off, the head now also keeps the look and mesh that your character has; this is nothing big, but adds to the expected outcome, instead of the “generic” head that gets generated when decapitating someone’s head today. Also a ss of new cloth/fur materials.

newheads.jpg newheadscars.jpg IronFurRobe.jpg

Now, some territory control updates.

Walls and siege weapons.
There will be new options for defending and sieging someone’s assets. You will be able to continue expanding and upgrading your wooden palisade walls into large brick and reinforced walls. The long-awaited gatekeeper will also arrive to give players and guilds better control over access and permission.

There will be new siege weapons such as trebuchets, different catapults, hailcasters and new ammo types as well as new ways of maintaining sieges and siege ammo. We are also working on giving the option to move these machines forward and better control when it comes to aiming. And also, either now or a bit further ahead, the ability to connect a mount to these machinery, which also then gives us wagons for transportation of either goods or players.

We plan to do another polish/fix patch next week, after which we will finally have the character/armor system patch if everything goes as planned.
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