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First of All, Beloved Children & Brethren,
There's a Light that Loves you; you are a little piece of Him and He wants you back with Him some day.

Brightly coloured illustration of concept
of Soldeus wanting YOU for a sunbeam!

~Please Do Not Worship Image~

(Retroactive Continuity or "Ret-Con" Notice: This is original material produced by Malachi or by members of the Ordo Lucius in cooperation with or continuation of him, updated as necessary, and is presented here for the use of the faithful.

All variant or contradictory texts, metagame statements contrary to the Canon as indexed here, stuff put forth by someone other than Kaideline and me or our acknowledged fellow clergy of the Church of Soldeus in Nave, etc., should identify themselves as such and will likely be declared either godmoding or heresy & anathema. Roleplay nice, folks. We don't care what they say about us in the temples of other gods and / or in guilds that don't play this game, but it's not authorised-- just like my opinion on Hodor is just 'my opinion'.)

(My personal apologies to the community for not fully sorting any confusion earlier.)

The Holy Writ indexed below-- and no others-- constitute the entire canon of the Church of Soldeus in Nave and of the Ordo Lucius (yes, subject to retcon and additions) and the text shall contain at this time no reference to things that are not canon: i.e., heresies, the departed, the fallen, schisms, lest even the most beloved be deceived. (Anything else on these subjects to be found in this forum is of OOC historical interest only. As said of others before this, Malachi Drake is, for purposes of MO, an NPC at this time.)

First I will recount the true tale of Creation
and the Fate of Lucius.
For the good of the Faithful, more is to be said of Sin and Virtue,
and of the Seven Corporal and Spiritual works of Mercy (#PracticalRoleplay),
of the value of Prayer in Spiritual Life
Oh Heavenly Father, Radiant Lord,
Eternal is Your Flame, Sacred is Your Word.
Where there is darkness, Your Light will shine through;
Where there is despair, Your Love will bring Hope;
Where there is doubt, Your Lessons will rekindle Faith;
Until the hour of reckoning, when all Sparks become one.
As it is written, so shall it be.

In good faith the Canon shall also include the current thinking of the Ordo Lucius and of the Church Extant on the Kinds of Man in Relation to the Grace of the Radiant Lord.

Though not all the Faithful of Soldeus are called to serve in the Ordo Lucius, the Canon will refer to the Rule of the Order.


The Fire Sermon from the Night of Umbra in Meduli

On What Constitutes the Church Visible

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On What Constitutes the Church Visible:
... There have been many buildings and altars consecrated (and, deconsecrated) for the use of the Church. There will be more in these latter days.

But even when no hall or hut is especially dedicated to His Services, we have the Beauty of Nave, His First Temple, which He Himself blessed with His Wisdom, Compassion, and Healing Grace.

The Church of the Radiant Lord on Nave is in His Children, as a Spark of His Light dwells in every man, and consists of their bodies and souls congregated in worship, in fellowship, and in sacrament. Did not St. Jude record the words of the Sun Among Us, Lucius, as "...where two or three gather in the Name of the Radiance, there I am among you"? This is an invisible reality not identified with any earthly structure.
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