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Quick question: To check out their stats I quickie-created 4 chars; khurite, veela, thur/khur, and vee/she. I wanted to see the speed difference, and according to the creation screen the speed difference for all is only 4 points. (176-180) I read a bunch of forum pages to find out, but much of the info is 2013-2015-ish, so I was uncertain if still accurate. Things change. So my question is, is that a significant number? Is that enough for, say a pure Veela to escape a chasing Thur/Khur, or is that number so small it makes no difference? I'm new, so I wanted to be able to out-run everyone on foot, until I learn to survive. (yes, I know there are mounts) I'm F2P now, but I'll sub if I stay, and I'd prefer not to re-roll more than I have to, and there's a 20-odd point STR penalty to buy that speed it seems. Thanks in advance!



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Speed is affected greatly by your dexterity and some races have a much higher max dex then others, thus higher max Speed.
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Yes I understand the theory, I just wanted to know the reality. Is that Veela faster enough to get away, or is that 4 point gap a theoretical distinction with no real world difference, and is not getting away via superior speed? And thanks for responding.


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The difference wont be just 4 points if you make the fastest char possible. The creation screen doesnt take into account maxing ur dex and running skills. I dont remember the exact number but you can be about 15 points faster than a thur Khur, and thats a huge difference. You will have low HP tho, and not be very strong.
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The creation screen doesnt take into account maxing ur dex and running skills.
Doh... didn't realize that, and there *is* a huge, diff too. Perfect thanks, exactly what I was trying to find out.
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Does the size damage bonus apply to archery or magic? Or just melee only? I cannot find anything on that question in the forums.


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Only melee. Your int affects spell power a bit, Idd recommend at least 40 int. Psy and int also give more mana.

In archery the damage is all about what bow you use and your strength lets you use more powerful bows.