Speznats Butchery Service

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Tindrem Only Butchery Service
(That means you send me the Carcass over the Veredari in Tindrem, with COD prices are below)
(Check the box, coin on delivery and write the price from this list in it)

I will only buy the Carcass on this list, for only the price on this list. Char name: Yunalesca

Prices are all per 1stack (10'000units).

Send the carcass to: Yunalesca

Write me a PM if you sended the carcass, otherwise i will not notice that you sended me carcass.:)
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I think as a new player its a great opportunity. The prices he pays for the pig meat and the walking dead carcass are really good too. The dogs in tindrem drop wolf carcass i sended him 2stacks wolf carcass and 3stacks pig meat. I asked him to cook me the meat and he returned it 4free. (maybe becourse im noob) :p

Great service, nice guy :cool:
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Prices are Updated