Speznats Cutlass Weapon Service

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Tindrem Only Cutlass Weapon Service
(That means i will send you the weapons over the Veredari in Tindrem)

S = ShortHandle 2H
SA = SauroterHandle 2H
L = LongHandle 2H

*The red marked one like Cronite are not available becourse the skill is not 100 (yet),
(Or the materials stocks are empty.)

*All Weapons are crafted with a Spongewood handle. If you wish other Materials just write it in the order please.

*Special Name of Weapons cost 25s per piece only if you want a custom name.

*Weight or Damage Informations use this (Is not 100% exactly) ----> Weapon Calculator

*You can order a max. amount of 50 weapons per day

*You will receive a discount from 3% if you Order more then 50G, and 5% at 100G.

Write me a PM of what you need, and your charackter name, and i will send it to you.:)
I also looking for reseller contracts you will get discount. If youre interested write me a pm.

And here is the original Cutlass:
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I bought 3 steel katana yesterday.
good quality, fast service, friendly trader,

will buy again 10/10 points.
Finally, another weapon smith! Looking forward to trying your service. :)
I bought 2kall double axes, steel. And 3kall great axe, messing yesterday.
Quality is great, price is cheap, the delivery time of 3h was ok, i understand that you can't be online 24/7.
I give 9/10,
Will you start putting things on the broker aswell? Would really like to get to try some of those 2h kallard greataxes!
I bought 2days ago 20flakestone spears and today i will order 3steel spears for gy pvp.
Cheap price very good quality. Fast Delivery.

Keep going :)


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Good crafter quick response. :)
I killed him with his own blade.
Best quality ever.
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I killed him with his own blade.
Best quality ever.
Yeah you won the fair duel :)
It was a bad idea to duel with you, vs my own special weapons -.-
But next time i will win! xD