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That looked much better then I could have expected. Better make sure no one can glitch their way on the island because with some of the guilds we have today they will find a way in if it's possible and wreak havoc.
Some of the guilds you have today aren't worth their weight in shit. It saddens me the game isn't in a state for players to come back and push those wannabee's out.

One day...


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"Judging by the account breach, there are between 20000 & 50000 old players that don't play, that's a lot of people to focus on to try and get a game to be successful unfortunately SV have gone out of their way to cater to the minority of players with all their development since Dawn.​
It's remarkable they could take what was a buggy gem of a game and turn it into a buggy turd and do it on purpose."​

I haven't made my own estimate of that "old players who don't play" number, but yours, though loose, sounds about right. I just started saying at some point that 'maybe most of the people who will ever try this game already have'.

The fact that a "minority of players" with foci of their own gives a niche-inside-a-niche to busily burrow into means that slow development by a small team looks better than it is; developers can excuse themselves for all slow progress or backward movement in any other area. Maybe some at Star Vault were convinced that certain players would leave, but come back while others wouldn't if their concerns were not handled first and in endless tweaking detail. If anything, most of those most catered to would have been the last to leave if they'd been the ones who had to wait, despite any threats to the contrary-- they're the most addicted.

(No-one who recognises himself in that minority and is still present is going to like that statement.)

Really not sure about the "on purpose" part, but you could be right.
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