Suggestion: a form of crouch/prone/sneak mechanics to MO2 plz(+aesthetics)

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Asking and suggesting: add some form of realistic crouch/prone/sneak as well as dyeable leather armors and wide arrange of clothing. Perhaps disguise kits of some kind to change name and 'realistically' change appearance like hair colour and style etc. Tracking skill. Maybe a skill or armor type that increases sneaking ability. Perhaps a way to turn off the way someone can just scan the dark or bushes with crosshairs and bring up name. Also more stuff to hide behind and such. There is barely a game that does this these days and it may massively increase sales and player base. lol sorry to rave. Also stuff that games like Life is Feudal has like surviving in the wild and off the land... shepherds slings and rocks and bows and aRROWS made from tree fibers, rocks and parts of trees. This game has a lot that most games don't like full loot but could have a lot more The only reason ive bought this game at about its release and never played much is mostly due to lack of content(especially sneak/prone ability) and I would love to see a game with clandestine/guerilla warfare capabilities. That's all I have for now. Thanks for the time.

Edit addition: Bombs and fire to building setting capabilities.
The crouch/prone was suggested years ago, but it never got implemented, possibly due to engine limitations. Let’s hope they implement it in MO2, they should because even an almost 20 year old mmorpg called Anarchy Online has both crouch and prone stances.


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I think they should remove the ability to see any information on players just by looking at them. Maybe instead it could be like DayZ where you have to go right up to somebody to be able to inspect them and see their name and guild tag. Then add more clothing and armor options in game so that groups need to be able to identify each other in combat by what they are wearing. Would also make it impossible to know a players flag out in the wild, making meetings more intense.

Admittedly I haven't put much thought into this idea, but I think it could add a lot to the game.

Also: make guildstones destructible again.