Territory Control idea - Feedback wanted

Should territory owners be able to blacklist whole guilds and Alert Towers reporting them?

  • Yes

    Votes: 66 77.6%
  • No

    Votes: 19 22.4%

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because force wardec is working so well....

Force wardec was infinitesimally less griefy:

1) You can end wardecs very easily at the cost of prom at the guild stone
2) you can drop tag
3) you can siege the guildhouse of the forcing guild
4) each guild only gets 1 force
5) city guards do not discriminate against you, nor does it affect your relationship with anyone separate to the forcing guild

Here is the reason why this hotfix was a poor mans solution to force wardecs:
1) it’s not a guildwide targeting, it targets an individual player regardless of guild affilation
2) it can be abused by city owning guilds who can’t defend their land, instead relying on insanely op elite guards of towns
3) it makes you a criminal in the land, which makes you a target even for people unrelated to the guild who blacklisted you
4) the ONLY way to end blacklist is to get the blacklisting guild to lift the guildstone

It is the most dumbest poor mans solution to breaking the force wardec and I can’t believe they did it

Edit: most of the anti-blacklist points were still a really dumb problem even before this hotfix. The biggest issue is that this is the ONLY way to forcefully track war enemies now and it’s so so damaging
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still didnt get why sv removed force wardecs.

it was impossible to force small guilds
it was easy to avoid
and it's quite far from logic
In the spirit of rp, I'd like to toss in the concept of a line-of-sight requirement for alerts? Like, maybe have guards patrolling the territory, and a player would have to sneak past the patrols in order to avoid the controlling guild getting a notification?

My bad if this was already an implied aspect.
I remember in the old days there were well established realms that had staying power, and keeps falling were a rare event. This was too far, and since then destruction is so much easier. Now everyone basically sits in a keep and there is little point to having a realm other than resource monopolization.

With the control point system you get the feeling that SV wanted there to be a point to territory control, and by the thinnest of margins you need CP to have those keep NPCs, but all this feels like a neglected idea that was supposed to go somewhere but never did.

There should be more point to holding land and it should be fun and immersive.
This can already be done anyway just manually. This is a simple quality of life change.