The Anarchy of the Third Age (War Notes)

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Due to the number of (semi) separate wars being fought all over Myrland this particular period in history shall be known as "The Anarchy".

Wars and brief summaries are as follows (hotlinks will be added in later):

Sunken Isles War (Concluded)
  • The once quiet shires of the south have been overcome with bandits and raiders. In an effort to protect their land, Forsaken attempted to defeat the most powerful raiding clan, DOOM. The war swung in the favor of the raiders resulting in the loss of several villages in the Sunken Isles, and the major trading hub of Bakti. Arfy and Kailei, high ranking members of Forsaken, claimed the city of Northpoint in an attempt to open the city for trading. Elkantar is currently offering a sum of 5000 gold coins to the force that destroys Northpoint. Both ancient cities of Northpoint and the Vale still stand.
  • A second phase of the war has begun. Forsaken has passed on ownership of the Vale to Deicide (whose origins are unknown). Vengence (volunteers from Bakti?) have declared war on the residents of the Vale, vowing to destroy the city. The Guttersnipes of Talusia have backed the legitimacy of Deicide's claim over the Vale and Bakti.
  • The new owners of the Vale, Deicide, have taken control of Bakti
  • Vengence and Deicide have declared a truce, thus ending the Sunken Isles War
  • Combatants: DOOM Campaign - DOOM + GUTS v. Forsaken; Tradewinds War - Forsaken Civil War (result undecided) Forsaken Remnants + Deicide + Guttersnipes v. Vengeance
Oasian War (Concluded)
  • In the wake of the War of the Four Hammers, the majority of Wessex-born migrated to the city of Meduli. With the death of Kuthara and his knights the city fell into general anarchy. Rhodri Taliesin rallied the remaining worshipers of Soldeus to reestablish the house of Wessex. Along with several powerful houses of Meduli, including Redemption, Hawk, Harbingers and 420 they attempted to gain control of the city. Escuadron de las Sombras and the Southern Coalition (Fallen Legion), bitter enemies of Wessex, contested the Medulian houses for control of the region. In the Battle of Dragon Hill (near Oasis) house Wessex suffered a defeat at the hands of ES, Fallen Legion and northern mercenaries.
  • Khan and Gabbarian forces lended the besieged Wessex aid against Escuadron de las Sombras and her allies during the battle of Dragon Hill
  • Escuadron de las Sombras has broken the Meduli coalition's resistance, and is poised to take hold of the city itself. Harbingers and Wessex still reside within Meduli, the remaining clans have migrated north, pledging fealty to KoV. Wessex has ended it's war against ES, but has retained her identity
  • Combatants: Escuadron de las Sombras + Southern Coalition (Fallen Legion) + (Guttersnipes+ Eclipse + Mors Omnibus at the Battle of Dragon Hill) v. Meduli (Redemption, Hawk, Harbingers, 420, Wessex)
  • War has been concluded: Escuadron de las Sombras + Southern Coalition (Fallen Legion) victors
The Five States War/ War in the North (Concluded)
  • Following the end of the Second Gabarian War endemic fighting continued between the clans near Kranesh and the newly formed 9th Legion of Gaul Kor. In central Talusia, the Guttersnipes continued their guerrilla war against the Quadra Khans. Sometime during this period the Khans and Gabarian joined their respective kingdoms in an alliance. In response the various warring clans of Kranesh united to form Eclipse, and along with GUTS, continued the fight in the north. The catalyst for increase of hostilities came during the breakaway of several Gabarian nobles from their main government - forming the "Men of Wealth and Taste" pact. After intervening in the Meduli War on behalf of the Southern Coalition, the Guttersnipes and Eclipse, along with the Men of Wealth and Taste, moved to exploit the turmoil in Gaul Kor. The southern most Gabarian stronghold near Kranesh has been destroyed by Eclipse and the Guttersnipes at the First Battle of Kranesh Keep.
  • Eclipse has taken ownership of Kranesh Keep, threatening lower Gabaria. The Second Battle of Kranesh Keep is fought between Mors, Eclipse, Guttersnipes v. KoV ( the battle was plauged by in-game bugs).
  • The Guttersnipes, Mors Omnibus, Hellequins, Escuadron de las Sombras and Eclipse have invaded central Talusia and western Gabaria, destroying the 9th Legion stronghold of Crossroads Keep. Crossroads Keep has been claimed by a vassal of the Guttersnipes, the Kallard clan of Hellequin.
  • The Northwestern Triumvirate (Guttersnipes, Mors Omnibus, and Eclipse) marched on Gabaria - destroying Black Grove Keep and burning a number of properties in the Gaul Kor region. The war has been concluded
  • Combatants: Northwestern Triumvirate (Mors Omnibus + Eclipse + Guttersnipes) + Men of Wealth and Taste v. Quadra Khans + Gabaria (9th Legion and Gaul Kor militia)
[ix] warchild lost a keep and old da palisades aprox 5 hours ago. Which to my knowledge he purchased for 20k gold.


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In Second Meduli War IX and Quad help wsx.

And ES are in the warchild Keep destrucction.
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I like the name Gabaria for the entire group that is 'IX', or for any holder of GK for a long period of time.

Just saiyan :)
That is probably one of the cooler names that came out of the old MO maps
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why is called the battle of dragon hill?
Wessex's banner - Wyvern (Dragon), Wessex Keep Spot - surrounded by small craggy hills (at least from the pictures I saw). It was the first thing I could think of.


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I hope you went through my timeline of events from the other thread, this needs to be expanded upon. :p


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Majority of remaining Meduli forces joined IXM(Kov) after defeat in the south.
breaking their anti rpk oaths


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The Meduli conflict and the Northern one are the same war. As stated before, the Meduli half of the war has been concluded and the Meduli Alliance has been defeated, having now merged with KOV/IX-M to defend assets in the North. With the fall of their southernmost keep, the battlelines are continually being shifted further North. Tears. Tears everywhere.


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started the turmoil in the desert
which resulted in the blue guilds of meduli banding together to do this:

They then continued to try gather allies which resulted in the "northern mercs" as you put it joined in on the side of ES.
They tried taking down es:
at the same time the mercs up north had taken IXM/KOV palisade.
when they failed taking ES they allied with IX/KOV and helped take back the IXM Palisades in return for help down south.

Because of that ES and our allies begun our destruction of southern guilds...

We then posted this for all guilds to see:

they continued to help IX/KOV so we destroyed wsx keep.

since then most of the meduli guilds have joined KOV and begun helping out up north..
we have destroyed many control towers and fought a decent amount of battles.
Our latest achievement has been the destruction of Warchilds keep.
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