The Beginning According to Manu Bellator

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INDEX:1. The beginning according to Manu Bellator
2. On the formation of the Hand
3. The 5 virtues of Bellator

The beginning:

In the beginning there was only chaos, an endless Abyss. It was not light or dark, hot or cold, It did not rise or sink, for there was nothing apart from anything else, but instead all was one, and that one was everything, and as nothing, for there was no difference in place or time. But the nothing could not remain nothing. All that might be or that never would be formed and unformed without any eyes to see, without any extent, and without any duration. From this ceaseless unceasing and then ceasing again, a longing was born, and the longing stirred the chaos and what was one became three. And thus there was not only chaos anymore, there was left and there was right. There was up and there was down. And so the time has started.

The first day:
From the first element the Nave was born and she created the land. And she saw that this was good.

From the second element Soldeus was born and he created the heavens and the sun to bring light to the creation of Nave. And he saw that this was good.

From the third element Umbra was born and he created the night so that he could mock the creation of Soldeus for not being everlasting and bring the attention of Nave unto himself. And this was the end of the first day.

The second day:
On the second day Nave created the trees, the springboks, the bears and all of the land animals that live.

Soldeus saw that this was good and wanted to awe Nave with his creation, so from the ground of the world he picked clay and molded the first human: beautiful and intelligent. He gave his creation to Nave as a token of his affection.

Umbra saw as Nave admired the gift from Soldeus and knew he had to do something better. From the rock of the mountains he molded the first Risar, strong of body and focused of mind to demonstrate how fragile Soldeus creation was he suggested that they should send both creations against each other to see which one was deserving of the world but Nave, passionate and afraid to lose the beautiful gift from Soldeus refused and announced that Soldeus was her favorite of the two.

Drove mad with desire for Nave and afraid to lose her to Soldeus Umbra imposed himself on her and this was the end of the second day.

The third day:
On the third day Bellator, the sun of Umbra and Nave was born. Not knowing that this was the result of Umbra’s imposition and not of Nave’s own free will Soldeus left the heavens in exile for the idea of losing Nave was too much to bear.

When Nave saw that Soldeus was gone she felt great sadness and cried creating the rivers and the sea. Expecting to reunite herself with Soldeus she created the birds to search the world for her love and bring him the message of what had truly happened.

And this was the end of the third day.

The fourth day:
On the fourth day Soldeus was found by the birds and received Nave’s message. He could not bear the idea of this being true and rushed back into the heavens to confront Umbra about the coming into being of Balletor. Umbra admitted it and mocked for Soldeus for if he wished to have Nave so much all he had to do was take Her as He did. This brought fury to Soldeus and he attacked Umbra.

They battled with immense power and all of the heavens trembled until that by the end of the sixth day Soldeus was victorious. When he was about to destroy Umbra though, the mercy of Nave stopped him for she did not want to see the father of her child slayed. In love with Nave, Soldeus consented and damned Umbra and Bellator to exile for he did not want to be reminded of their existence.

And on the seventh day peace was found in the heavens.
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On the formation of the Hand

On the formation of the Hand

When Umbra was exiled from the Heavens he created the Underworld where he would rule but did not take his son with him and as such Bellator was left to roam the world.

As a young god he found pleasure in his dealings with the humans and travel all the land fornicating the most beautiful women he could find, he brought six sons into this world to live as demi-gods but they were all mortal like their mothers. His favorite was Flamma, His only daughter, which love for mankind was immense and did all it could to see men prosper.

One day Flamma showed men how to start and use fire. She thought that with this knowledge men would feel safe from the creatures that Umbra created for they were mostly creatures of the night that the fire would surely keep away. But men were not ready for the gift of fire and scared by this new power they could not understand they burned Flamma with the fire she himself had presented.

Many moons passed until Bellator knew of what happened to His daughter but when it did He was consumed in anger and rage. He screamed so lound in anger that the ground itself shook across all of Nave. The gods themselves heard the pain of Bellator and came to him.

The first to appear was his mother, she begged that Bellator would forgive mankind and if he was capable of such a gesture maybe Soldeus could find enough good will on his heart to bring Bellator back into the Heavens. The thought of living once more in the Heavens with his mother touched him and made him almost forget the sadness of losing Flamma. But as soon as Nave left Umbra came from the shadows and poisoned his heart once more, showing him that it was the creation of Soldeus himself that had killed His daughter. He urged Bellator to scorch all the land and destroy all mankind for the crimes they had committed.

Bellator was torn between the words of his father and the love for his mother. He longed to be with her in the Heavens but the atrocity committed could not go unpunished. He summoned his five sons and charge them with doing justice for their fallen sister not against mankind as His father urged him but simply against the men that threw her into the fire. The death of these men was not swift or merciful for each of the sons would cut a man's piece until only the head remained upon which they feasted in front of the victims still to be.

Soldeus was happy to see His creation was safe from the wrath of Bellator and allowed him back into the Heavens as Nave had promised and Bellator did not roam the world alone anymore but the sons that remained he named them His Hand and whenever injustice was done in the eyes of Bellator they were summoned to restore justice.

Until this day, the descendants of the Hand serve Bellator whenever he calls.
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The 5 virtues of Bellator

Justice is the greatest of all virtues, for it was trough it that Bellator reclaimed his rightful place in the heavens. When his daughter was murdered by the will of men, Bellator sent his sons to bring His justice and destroy the entire village where the murderers resided. Some might say that only the guilty should have been slayed but that would not be justice but simply mercy, a form of weakness. If one is made to suffer the loss of a loved one justice cannot be simply achieved by removing the offender, instead an equal amount of pain should be felt by the offender before his demise.

Nothing shall be offered by Bellator that one does not deserve, and all that one deserves comes from hard work. Be it gold, a house, a woman or simply a higher state of mind nothing can be achieved without you putting effort into it. Sloth is thy enemy but enjoying the fruits of labour is divine.

You reap what you sow. If diligent work is a virtue so is keeping the fruits of your labor. Do not let yourself be tricked by moochers who try to steal from you under the disguise of charity, you own what you own because you worked hard for it, giving it away is spitting on your work and, by extension, on yourself and the ones you love. This does not mean it one's right to keep what it is his. It is one's duty.

Nave was not made in a day. When you try to walk the path of Bellator not all is guaranteed to work well the first time. You shall have patience in all you do be it in the library or in the battlefield. Learn from the mistakes that all mortals do and try again when ready. Do not rush for that is the enemy of perfection but always remember that too perfection is the enemy of the good. Study your path with time and decide on the best course of action. Afterwards keep faith and follow through your plan.

Remembers you are what you are because you worked hard to be who you are. Enjoy your achievements and show them to the world for they are yours to celebrate. To hide under false modesty is lying to oneself and to not recognize the greatness of your being is to deny your own existence. What right does one have to life if he denies himself?
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