The Fire Sermon (from the Night of Umbra Event)

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For those who could not attend:
The Text of the Fire Sermon

(©April 23rd, 2012, by Najwalaylah)

Gather, you Children of Soldeus in body and spirit. Gather all, for you are all His children, whether you know it or not, and hear the Word of His Coming in Glory, His Wondrous Love and Undying Light.

Listen, and I shall tell you of the Way it Was, and Is, and Ever Shall be.

In the beginning, all was without form, and void. Darkness appeared to fill the Abyss. The Spirit of Good then separated Itself from the Evil, and rose from the Deep.

Then Good said, "Let Me Be Light", and He was Light, Beholding Himself.

The Light shone out in the Darkness, and the Darkness could not comprehend it. The Darkness feared the Light, and fled from it.

My Dearly Beloved, here we stand in the middle of the dry lands, near the bosom of the sea, where the sun is seen to rise in the morning.

It is pleasant to behold the sun in the firmament but it is more pleasant and profitable for the words of holiness to shine in the heart. Will you hear them, or will you fear them?

What I have come to say to you today is not to be feared except by the wicked who will not listen.

Only he who will not heed his own inner Spark of Conscience need tremble. He must someday tremble indeed, for he shall BURN.

Darkness may surround us. Darkness may grieve us. Darkness may beguile us. Darkness may, for a time, inhabit us. But again and again, we see, the DARK always ends.

For it is always darkest before Dawn, but then comes the Light and with it, the Awakening. Now, we see the world as in a Dream but soon, we shall Awaken, and Rise.

As Soldeus rises, so shall we. Even as Light was the beginning of the first creation so, in the new creation, the light of the Spirit shall be His first work upon the souls of men.

We His Faithful stand already in His Sight. We shall rebuild his Altars, we shall replenish his Hosts, we shall be ready when the Noon Day comes.

Praise now His Mercy, that has preserved us until this time could come!

In that Day, in the Light of Soldeus, All the Kinds of Man shall look upon each other, as brothers should, each seeing the other's eyes.

No helm shall dim this vision. No fear and no shame need cloud the view of His Glory radiant from within the soul of each.

For inwardly, each of you is a Spark of His Radiance.

Even the most murderous, the most VILE, if he will examine his conscience, atone for his actions, and allow the Flame to cleanse him, shall be saved from the Doom of the Damned, from the Wandering in Darkness.

Hear and believe that there is a Light that Loves you, and wants to Cleanse your Soul, and Deliver you from Evil.

Hear this Good News and praise His Holy Radiance, enlightening you from within and without!

In the days long past there was a man sent from Soldeus whose name was Lucius.

He came as witness and example, to testify in word and deed concerning that Radiance, so that through him and his sacrifice all might believe, be strengthened in the struggle against UMBRA, and rise free.

Pray with me now, in his name and words,

Oh Heavenly Father, Radiant Lord,
Eternal is Your Flame, Sacred is Your Word.
Where there is darkness, Your Light will shine through;
Where there is despair, Your Love will bring Hope;
Where there is doubt, Your Lessons will rekindle faith;
Until the hour of Reckoning, when all Sparks become one.
As it is written, so shall it be.
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