The Foreboding

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The video pretty much explains itself, but for a brief summary:

Hunted and Judgement had been camping DC's gate for hours, taunting them and trying to get them to come out and fight. DC continuously declined, staying behind the false safety of their gate. Once 7 DC finally did exit their palisades to attack Judgement and Hunted, I had been called in as a 3rd melee to help with the fight. The beginning of the video shows DC's reaction at the sight of one more AQ coming down from the mountains. As soon as they barricaded back behind their gate again, I logged off to wait for the word on if they left their palisades again.

When they finally did, it was Judgement, Hunted, Formicidae, and myself vs 7 DC, all listed at the end of the video. Foreboding indeed, this is...

Music used:

Tool - Lost Keys
Drowning Pool - Sinner

Title: The Foreboding

Time: 3:29





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5 AQ. ACHILLES HaveMind Hunted Judgement VERN.


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6 o clock in the morning taunting for houres lawl. It does take sometime to get rdy at that time :p


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Win some, lose some.

The kiddie-metal in the background is shit.
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