The Light

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The clouds parted over the valley just ahead of me. I have been away some time and my journey is just beginning to unfold once more. My head rose to meet the sun glaring back into my eyes. I decided I was ready to return to the world I had left behind. My best horses still remain in my stables and my armor has been delivered. My cause will be a just one and my supporters must be determined. I will follow the footsteps of those before me in an attempt to rid this land of those who oppose us. This will be a long arduous journey and our efforts must be great. There is much less resistance and more opportunity than ever before..

The shadows of the city loomed over the ground as I passed by unnoticed, unseen. My horses feet pounded the sands as I rounded the path and headed towards Meduli.. A dusty haze lay behind me, dissipating in the air as it swirled and whipped around. The sun pierced the clouds that were rolling back into place and I headed off towards an unknown fate.

A time of unrest has begun...