The Murnahās Cape

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The Murnahās Cape

Before the Conflux many Huérgar lived above ground, although they were never ones to mingle easily with the other races of Nave. When their alliance with the Tindremic Empire fractured, most Huérgar families chose to withdraw from the outside world to the safety and seclusion of their stronghold, Gal Barag, deep within the Talus Mountains.

Pre Conflux - The Tindremic-Huergar split and subsequent self-exile
Against the generals’ advice to properly regroup and wait for spring, the consuls ordered an even riskier advancement; a full frontal attack on Rimfrost. The consuls where somewhat aware of its massive defenses built by the Blainn, and predicted they would need the help of the Huergar to overcome them. Knowing that this could be a sensitive matter to the Huergar council (the Huergar are cousins to the Blainn race), the Tricapita never revealed its true intentions to them. Instead they requested a small party of Huergar “emissaries”, among them carefully selected architects, to help in “negotiating” with Rimfrost.
The Tindremenes felt confident in their campaign since the Huergar architects had served them well before, for example in the construction of Tindrem, and their prowess in masonry was second to none. However when the Huergar architects arrived and realised that they were supposed to take part in fighting the Blainn they immediately refused. The planned efforts to persuade the individual Huergar by promising them the spoils of Rimfrost, or huge sums of gold, just insulted them and without further ado they all turned on their heels and marched back to Myrland. Both sides felt betrayed by the other. The Huergar were infuriated by being asked to fight their own and on top of that destroy a great piece of masonry and engineering. The consuls however couldn’t understand the principled squeamishness displayed by their old ally and felt that this betrayal had cost them their victory. Thus the alliance between the two peoples that had lasted for centuries was fractured.
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First entry - It has been three erābu since I last saw any sign of the daiālu positioned around the cave, my supplies are running low and the morale of my pirru seems to be running thin. My orders are to hold this position until the remaining few kutaellatu and the refugees they safeguard meet us at this point before falling back to Gal Barag. The last call for withdrawal was rushed and ill prepared; most left their belongings behind before as they rushed away under the threat of a potential attack by the Tindremenes.


Second entry - Seven erābu now since the daiālu reported in, and most of us fear the worst. Our situation has become even more tense, as my pirru have started to bicker about the distribution of the rations we have left. They know as well as I that we were not prepared to be stationed here-so close yet so far from Gal Barag-for more than a few days.

I know not if we are fortunate, but the bickering was fast replaced by depressed silence, as each of us started to believe that we would never see the daiālu nor the kutaellatu return. Still, we Huergar are nothing if not honorable and stalwart, and so despite our vanishing hopes we remained at our post.


Third Entry - Ten erābu and ten erābu too late, for fires have been seen outside the cave in the valley, and in their wake a single gravely wounded daiālu has brought us word. Our fears have been realized: The Tindremenes are launching attacks on and have already brutally slaughtered many of the remaining refugees, likely using our refusal to assist with the siege of Rimfrost as justification.

So many innocent lives lost to foolish Tindremic pride; and yet here I am defending this nereb, saving none of them. Mother Oghma forgive us for abandoning our post, but we cannot stand and wait any longer. If you are reading this, know that my pirru has abandoned our honor to save our people.


Fourth entry - was apparently written by a Huegar Nāpilu who likely found the book on the body of the original author after some small skirmishes outside the cave.

Forgive me for sullying the pages written by a mitmu'āru, but circumstances need documenting and I have scarcely anywhere else to write. Few of us remain, and by all appearances the other pirru will never make it. I fear that we have nary a single bēru before the final assault wipes out our karāšu; we have had to to take desperate measures to hold off the Tindremenes for this long.

In a desperate bid for survival, some of the prisoners held at the labīkarāšu along with some of the less able-bodied refugees were made to perform Murû Nahāsû. The process is never easy, but their great sacrifice in becoming Murnahās has enabled us to fend off our enemies and survive this long. Regardless, it would seem we are out of time.

Attrition has taken its toll. Fourteen erābu have passed, our enemies prepare for a final assault, and we fear that the remaining pirru will not reach us in time. Those of us that remain have sworn one last oath to defend this final unsealed nereb to our homeland, and I have been given the order to collapse the tunnel if need be. While I hope that I will not need to, such hopes have done nothing for us so far.


The final entry - The forces that now approach us are those we had not hoped to see. Mother Oghma help us.

The battle is over. Our pirru left with but ten alive, we owe our survival to the Murnahās which fought in our stead; the time they bought enabled to finish the arrangements to bring down the nereb. As the muʾirru gave me the order to retreat and capsize the passage, I hesitated. The Murnahās which yet still held off the Tindremenes would perish alongside those bastards as the tunnel collapsed.

Uttering a short irarazakku, I pulled the last support and watched in anguish as friend and foe alike were buried under the rubble. Would that our struggle had ended there. I looked on in horror and my ears went nearly deaf as the tunnel I collapsed was blown open once more; they had brought battle mages.

Against impossible odds, the last of us held off the approaching forces long enough for the refugees and citizens to get far enough to reach and pass through the now very likely sealed gate to Gal Barag. Our fate seemingly decided, my pirru insisted that I make it out alive and pushed me into a side-tunnel before collapsing it behind me. As I slammed my hands in vain against the rubble, I could hear their battle cries as they charged into battle as fierce as the Murnahās that preceded them.

Realizing that I alone now carried with me the story and legacy of my pirru, I held our banner to my chest, stayed my emotions, and said a final irarazakku in their honor. Our sacrifices were not in vain; our people survived, and I swear on Mother Oghma that I will reach Nereb Madgulu so that our story is known.


This shared account along with the tattered banner mentioned therein were handed over to the Huergar Māliku, and shortly afterward slightly modified replicas were fashioned into capes in memory of their sacrifice.

The cape depicts a Murnahās standing in a defensive stance under a cave ceiling, and includes other symbolism from the original banner.

It's a reminder of those Huergar who fought a hopeless battle and ultimately sacrificed their lives for the greater good.

Word Key:
  • muʾirru - commander
  • kutaellatu - rear soldiers; rear guard, etc.
  • Pirru - milirary squad
  • daiālu - scouts
  • mitmu'āru fallen/deceased hero
  • nāpilu - engineer
  • Māliku - council/councilman
  • karāšu - military encampment
  • labīkarāšu - first/oldest/main military encampment
  • nereb - entrance
  • erābu - lit. setting of the sun
  • bēru - "double-hour", lit. two hours
  • irarazakku - prayer/lamentation
  • (Nereb is lore confirmed, everything else follows the Huergar language rules as outlined by Mats.)
Story line written by: Sinner/skullhead
Lore assistance and editing by: Mort
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