The Ordo Lucius

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The Order of Lucius:

Born in the desert, ordained by Soldeus, sustained by a humble few...

Of their Rule of Lucius and their Oath of Brotherhood, only fragments remain; their history is hidden, or forgotten, or remembered only as fever-dreams; their current endeavours are secret, a mystery; they do not recruit to their numbers and proselytise only of the simple faith of Soldeus and only to the pagan and the unbelievers and the discouraged. It would appear that they have disappeared, or have learned to act by not acting; a thing the Khurite sages refer to as 'wu wei'.

The Oath of the Order

I shall give praise to Soldeus, the Radiant Lord, for all that is good.
I shall give freely of thyself to the Order, the Church an * * * (w)ho are in need.
I shall be merciful toward the * * * and shall constitute myself the defender of them.
* * * .
I shall honour the Order and the Church in both word and deed, and suffer no insult to it.
I shall obey the teachings of the Sainted Lucian and shalt spread the word of Soldeus.
I shall not covet worldly goods or status.
I shall never forsake my duty and shall remain true to my pledged word.
I shall adhere to the Rule of the Order * * *

The Rule of Lucius:
  1. Above all things, whosoever among you would be a knight of Soldeus, having chosen to serve the Ordo Lucius, must in your profession of faith unite pure diligence and firm perseverance, which is so worthy and so holy, and is known to be so noble, that if it is preserved untainted forever you will deserve to keep company with the martyrs who have given their life in service to Soldeus.
  2. We, in all joy and all brotherhood, share with you the Rule of Lucius that was established when our order was founded, under the gaze of the Radiant Lord, at the request of Patriarch Malachi Drake, where the founding brothers had gathered from diverse provinces and the conduct and beginnings of the Order were discussed and all that seemed to us good and beneficial we praised, and what seemed wrong we eschewed.
  3. All that took place at that council cannot be told nor recounted; and so that it should not be taken lightly by us, but considered in wise prudence, let it be known that the founding brothers, who knew the affairs of the order and by the advice of the common council, praised it unanimously.
The Names of the Brothers who Attended the Council
* * * (missing page) * * *

  • 6) You who embrace the will of Soldeus, and you others who are serving for the salvation of your souls, strive everywhere with pure desire to uphold the Rule of Lucius and if you despise the deceitful world in perpetual love of Soldeus, and scorn the temptations of the mortal coil, sustained by the food of Soldeus and watered and instructed in the commandments of the Radiant Lord, should not fear to go into battle if you henceforth wear the tonsure.
  • 7) No one must be forced to take an oath, and neither should it be given without careful thought and contemplation, for it is this oath that binds us all together, provides light in darkness and keeps us steady on the path of righteousness. You must always act with honour, never forsake your duty and do not abandon your fellow Brothers as to bring dishonour to the Order is to bring shame upon yourself and to lose the favour of Soldeus.
  • 8) Absolute obedience must be given to the Grand Master of the Order for he has been appointed by the infallible Magisterium of the Ecumenical Council; though they may be mortal men, collectively they are granted divine wisdom from Soldeus himself.
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