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The Person Above Me - Tell something you admire or hate about the person above you, but you are only allowed to use one word.

Example senstance for the next poster:

Speznat is a Shitspitter
Shitspitter = Speznat
or something like
Shittspitting Speznat
or the best version just "Shitspitter"
that would be all correct.
Incorrect would be: Speznat is a Incontinent shittspititing ass crawling noob. Is maybe a valid point, but just use one word at a time.

and atleast one other person must post between your posts, double posting is not allowed. :)

lets try it out if its not running good we can still dleete the thing if moderators dont like it xD
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And The person below me is gay and admits to it by postning and wants PMs.