The Sons Of Odin

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The Sons Of Odin evolved from a Mortal online guild, into a community of friends. Our main aims are Territory control, PVP and in all honesty, just having fun. We cannot be defined as a red or blue guild, We have our friends who we are loyal to and our enemies who we kill.

Veteran players are of course welcome to apply.
New players are also welcome (minimum MUST have finished the trial period) preferably have a couple of weeks playing before applying.

You can PM sting001 on the forums and, if accepted, You will be given our ts info and be trained by our members. Note you are expected to be able to hold your own at the end of our trial period (aka your training period).

What are we looking for in players?
Primarily we want people who we get along with, so there will be a trial period to see whether our personalities agree with each other as well as to see whether you have potential to be good at pvp.
You must be 18+
You must have some basic knowledge of how MO works. (aka must have completed the two week trial).
You must be willing to obey our guild rules and respect and acknowledge our diplomatic affiliations.
You must have a microphone and are willing to use voip whenever playing.
You must be willing to create certain characters which are useful to the guild, for example your pvp toon must be a viable one and you must be willing to change it if its a bad build. remember we are a guild and as such must work together for our own advancement, this said you must also contribute to the guild, armour and weapons don't come out of nowhere.

For those wishing to join our German community: Die Germanen bilden den deutschsprachigen Teil der Fallen Legion und treten unter den Tags EVIL und ODIN im Spiel auf. Wir nehmen gerne und jederzeit neue Spieler in unsere Reihen auf, bilden sie aus mit dem Ziel einer langfristigen Bindung an Mortal Online. Die täglich spielende Stammgruppe besteht aus mehr als 10 Leuten, so dass Neulinge schnell Anschluß finden.

zufinden sind wir under

PS Odin is a part of [EVIL] aka Fallen Legion Alliance
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