Turkis' Bar and Grill

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The menu is simple, but Turkis' Bar and Grill (Located in Tindrem) is your one stop shop for superior food. All portion sizes are 1000 units of food (prices are listed per portion).

8g - Turkey Juice - See F.A.Q for nutritional value
8g - Muscle Milk - Weight Gain Supplement (115% the protein of Ambrosial Pig)

Bar Menu:
4g - Ambrosial Raw Pig - Standard in health restoration
4g - Salutory Raw Rye - Standard in stamina restoration
0g - Unpurified Water - Standard in mana restoration

Aristocrat's Hideaway Dining List:
Turkis' Bar and Grill is proud to announce the impending grand opening of the Aristocrat's Hideaway Dining List! The Aristocrat's Hideaway dining list caters to those beacons of respectability in society with more refined senses than that of their fellow inhabitant.

Teaser Menu
Steamed Dumplings
Vegan Cocktail

Dining Menu:
All recipes will come without food poisoning, our dining area abides by the strictest of health guidelines. Food served in our restauraunt section are not performance enhancing.

6g - Pig Meat Pie
6g - Soup of the Day
6g - Market Fish*

5g - Rye Beer
8g - Rice Beer
8g - Spelt Beer
2g - Cold Milk

5g - Fruit Pie (Malus, Palm Fruit, Muse, Red Jambura, etc.)
5g - Deep Fried Muse Fruit (Bananas)

*Consuming raw or undercooked seafood may increase the risk of food borne related illness.

Does Turkis' Bar and Grill Cater?
Yes we do! Turkis' Bar and Grill employees will provide catering to all the major metropolitan (and back country dung holes) of Nave, given a minimum order of 10 portions.

Why Turkey Juice?
Turkis' Bar and Grills family recipe, Turkey Juice, provides superior reserves and maximizes your dining experience. Turkey Juice restores 99% the stamina reserves as Salutory Raw Rye, 53% the health reserves as Ambrosial Raw Pig, and 69% the mana reserves as Unpurified Water. Perfect for the marauding psychopaths of Nave, or those of you simply looking to put on a bit of weight.

What's in Turkey Juice?
Unfortunately we can't say, but we can assure you that it's mostly non toxic and you won't see the effects of drinking it given your life expectancy here in Nave.


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Awesome! Do you deliver to the north?


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I need a drink from the bar !


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Ha, nice menu. Keep up the good work :p


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Great food , free delivery , great service !!
I hope you are going to be selling some very sophisticated stuff for posh folk?
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Working on it, not ready to advertise it yet though. There is a lot to consider, and I plan on adding multiple sophistication meals to meet everyones needs as the obese crafter is going to have very different dietary needs compared to your stout fighter.


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So i was down at the bar again tonight as always great service , Turkis's fine establishment is the talk of the town !

I will be buying more soon.


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ok nice but i can only pick up oat. can u extract it into oatflour?
Good service free delivery rocks too.
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In 3 days, Turkis' Bar and Grill will open the Aristocrat's Hideaway. The Aristocrat's Hideaway Dining List will feature the finest in refined dining to meet and exceed all of your dietary needs. We will be accommodating both the habitual eater who wishes to grind his way to the top of the society's food chain as well as those who seek set themselves apart from their brethren sating their appetite on pig and flour. We all need to eat, but the best of us need to eat well.

Those looking to take full advantage of what the Hideaway has to offer are strongly encouraged to avoid the despicable vices of the lesser men and women in our society if at all possible. The dieticians employed by the Aristocrat's Hideaway will hand craft dietary plans for repeat customers.

We look forward to you company as we dine, mingle, and scoff at those beneath us.