Ultimate Price Check Thread


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Speaking of this, uses, Be nice to sit down with you guys that make stuff from what I collect and get a list of what everything is good for. like you say Phasel bean extact as a multiplier. I sell things according to how long it takes me, how much I get from extraction versus the price of the original product. Though a buyer wouldn't want me to know properties, I would like to base my prices on usefulness of any given extraction or picked item. Anyone with free time on their hands feel free to send me tid bits of info on this. i'll compile it all together and try to get something up about it. If nothing else I would like to know for myself. I kinda just fell into extracting everything lately as a means for income.
Wanting to know what one sells speaks highly of that one in particular. No seller should be blind about their products. No one will judge you for asking ;)


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Just heads up,I moved to England so I have no time anymore.

If anybody wants to copy and paste it and keep updating it are more then welcome to do so
England? Whereabouts? :D Or are you talking about some American England?
pretty sure ironsilk has changed due to the changes of NPC difficulty


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Ironwool only 5g per stack more than guardfur is a lil off.

Why has this not been stickied yet?
Can I get an up to date price check on Common Vitis Juice? 9-37g is a pretty big spread, and I don't want to take the time to press it if it isn't worth the coin.