Ultimate Price Check Thread

High end wood prices are still low, Browsing the forums and buy orders in the cities you can easily tell that market prices are higher and demand is still strong even two month later at the current pricing. In moving over 50 stacks of Blackwood 65 is the minimum price I have had to sell for. In the cases of Brownwood it seems universally 50g in any buying or seller threads.

Spongewood remains strong at 25g per stacks in most cases, Where dapple seems to fluctuate between 35 and 40 (I have seen freak cases of folks trying to sell [dapple] high for 45-50 and failing to gain momentum).

All non-building prices Sponge, White, Grey etc have not been affected by price fluctuation since TC but due to a lack of supply in most regions building wood prices are at a competitive high.
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I added the saburra powder icon but not sure on price.

I checked all the prices and are relevant for most part for today,maybe few are off but nothing is perfect
change palm fruit plz. Or let me know who quoted you that price and I will sell it to them for *only* 250. I will sell it until I am rich and the price bottoms out at what it should be.
Update due to supply and demand pressures - Cronite 3500 to 4000g per 10k, Tind messing 1600 to 1800g per 10k.

Just my opinion, but based on market evidence I've seen.


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Wood and high level metal material prices are too low, check out the brokers and forums posts
At some point, it would be nice to have a percentage fluctuation for regional items because there obviously is one. Stuff is cheaper at the source and across the map it's more expensive. Would help get everything perfect. Dunno if you would wanna go that deep though.


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