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Hello everyone!

Its time for some updates!

We have been pretty quiet lately due to hard work and lots of preparations in different forms that you are about to see more about shortly.

Today Seb got ran down by a car and ended up at the hospital, luckily it was nothing serious and he is fine now after some resting.

We are currently running different test sessions on our latest patch that includes lots of good bug fixes and the brand new broker system we been waiting for a long time to help the player trades and economy. We also adding a small expansion after the tutorial we have in the Tindrem garden to further help new players get into a direction and get a goal to get going in the game which is important for new players. We have run into a few issues during test which we are updating tomorrow if things goes as plans and as soon as its approved this will go live.

We are progressing in both TC and the character system we been working hard on lately.
The animation updates are almost done now, but we are still struggling with the mesh/skin work which have not been a smooth process, we have been ironing out the issues we had which been a mix of both language barrier and different versions of software and export issues. But we hope to have a full solution on this now sooner than later. Again we hoped we would be able to deliver this part much earlier, but sadly we have run into every possible wall during this process. But hopefully it will be worth the wait, to have that system in place, which gives a lot of nice bonuses over the face lift it gives us.

TC is a large feature as you know already, and we made some updates using Sebastians twitter. Now when everything is getting in place we have decided its time to start share more in depth of how the system is going to work. So I will try to assist in introducing different parts of what TC will bring to the game.

Today we want to share some info about the coming farming system along with the TC patch.

Territory Control

To build a farm, you must first own the land to place it and afford the cost in both Prominence points and gold. To claim some land, you need to build a house and place a guild stone in it. This will give you some space surrounding your guild stone. Within this zone you are able to construct new buildings such as farms. You can also build a wall surrounding your land. This wall has its own gate with access levels. Within the walls, you can hire services and hire guards for increased security.

You can also build a fence surrounding your farm if you wish to lock it down so that others cannot use it, or it will remain open for anyone to pick the crops. This is part of the new territory control system, which fully unlocks all of its options whenever someone has claimed a keep. It will give endless possibilities to claiming land and designing their own city with its own set of rules and services.

To start farming you need to hire a farmer that takes care of the crops. He will require a fee and the better the farmer is, the more plants he can grow. A farm can be upgraded from a small, to a larger farm. When the farm is upgraded, you can hire another farmer to work at the same farm to grow even more plants, and it also allows you to grow different setup of plants.

Seeds can be found on Plants from different locations around the world. These are the seeds you hand to the farmer, who will start to grow them. The farming system takes the heat system in consideration. The area where you grow the plants will be affected by the weather and climate.

A farm owner/ city owner can place work orders, so that players can gather the crops for them. This will allow the farmer to get the crops picked, if he doesn't have the time to do so, to allow for new crops to grow. Other players can help in picking the crops and sell them as a service to the farm owner which will in that way maximize its farm. Farming can be effective for alchemist to start growing herbs and plants. You can also find specific plants that will efficiently make a decent profit. It all comes down to the efficient level of the farmers, the size, and the location if the plant is optimal for its climate. It’s up to the player to maximize the profit and growth, by picking the plants when it’s done for picking, or it will occupy place and time for a new growth. As usual there will be a fee to operate the farm.

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