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Henrik Nystrom

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Dear community, it’s time for a short update.

Territory Control is progressing very smoothly and we are currently polishing and working on balance. We are getting closer to its final step and to release the content.

Along with the TC work we have been researching and debugging a bit on client performance in general with a focus on player performance. We have identified one big thing that does indeed add quite a bit of drop on client performance when the client sees many players. This has gone up along with our new armor system in which we didn't believe would cost the way it does today.

There is one person in particular, Denny our old developer, who is an expert in this field and is currently addressing the issue. We have made a very exciting breakthrough in how to handle player performance cost.

We have a few steps left before this is final and we can properly test it, but so far the test runs we have done look very promising and will improve our performance noticeably. We will do a comparison before and after in pure player cost when we have completed the last steps necessary for improving our armor system. I hope to be able to share these results as soon as we have them.

We also noticed this performance issue is shared with quite a few of our NPCs and mobs in the game, which we also plan to improve next. This became more important now that we have done a lot of TC testing with hirable NPCs. These must of course be as efficient as possible, performance-wise, to allow for grand cities, which players may design, without ruining game performance.

We have engaged discussion and are about to start testing a new programmer shortly which allows us to progress faster when they get into our pipeline.

We have also hired a new concept artist to help us expand on our world and create both lore art and concept art for coming creatures and areas. We will share some of this along the road when we announce our next continent. He is an extremely talented concept artist and we are happy to have him with us.

I also want to take the opportunity to welcome Herius as a full time QA lead on the team; he will still help as a GM in-game on live server but he is also doing an amazing job on helping us polish our test server’s content.

We have initiated a good plan to expand and to add more lore into our game with the help of a writer. Mats will work with this new writer to be sure that the desired lore and information is in proper place.

A little city I put together on my own very quickly, by all means Im no good city planner Im sure you will make something more impressive when you get it! Stone walls and 2 different gates.

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