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The purest form of price discovery is perfect knowledge of the last price something was traded at, how much people are willing to buy at, and how much people are willing to sell at.

This initiative is a player-run enterprise which is designed to be more accessible and much more competitive than the traditional broker system in Nave.

The way it works is relatively straight-forward. Gold or commodities are deposited and credited to an account. The account holder will be able to do the following:
  • Place an order to buy a commodity at a particular price
  • Place an order to sell a commodity at a particular price
  • Fill somebody else’s order to buy a commodity at a particular price
  • Fill somebody else’s order to sell a commodity at a particular price
Anybody who places an order on the exchange is considered ‘adding liquidity’ to the exchange.

Anybody who fills an order on the exchange is considered ‘removing liquidity’ from the exchange.

This is important in the fee structure, which will still remain competitive.


There are no costs to deposit gold and commodities into one’s account on the exchange. This can, currently, be done from any blue town in Myrland.

To place an order to buy or sell will also incur no costs, you merely require that the gold or commodity has been cleared into your account, to change the order also incurs no fee, either. for example, if you put a sell order for 1 stack of steel at 300 gold, you may change this to 280 gold at no extra cost.

Once any part of an order is filled, then a trade has occurred, which incurs a fee. The overall fee is 1% and this is divided up as follows:
  • The one who added liquidity is charged 0.3%
  • The one who removed liquidity is charged 0.7%
Please note that the fees have been waived for the time being to aid the bootrapping of this idea. The fees may change, but if the do, there will be a public announcement of the change in fees in a new thread. And 4 weeks notice shall be provided beforehand.

The reason for this division is that we felt those that added liquidity deserve to be rewarded as it provides a necessary service to all Mortals.

Although the exchange itself is virtual, in nature, for accounting purposes, all stock and money will be held in Bakti.

Should an account holder wish to withdraw gold or commodities, there would be no charge if the amount was withdrawn in Bakti. Should the account holder wish to receive the gold or goods in another city the following transfer services can be used:

At the moment this will be, mostly, an experiment to test the waters. I anticipate that the uptake for this idea is going to be slow, if at all, and so I do not feel this warrants a website yet, although, ideally, this is the direction I would like to head in. At the moment I will handle everything via PMs on the forums.

The PMs will be used to perform the following actions:
  • Organise deposits and withdrawals
  • Provide statements of account
  • Place buy orders
  • Place sell orders
  • Fill buy orders
  • Fill sell orders
Should the admin become heavy, then I would consider making things a bit more fluid by seeing if I can create a website for this.

Advantages to the Current Broker System

There are a number of advantages we feel traders would gain from using this service rather than the in-game broker system:

1 - Transparency
All orders will be listed on the orderbook, so that people can see at any one time how much liquidity exists on the exchange. My intention is to collect pricing data and have this publicly accessible as a price graph so traders can see the trends in price differences

2 - Accuracy
Using the current system the people who place buy orders can only place it to the nearest 1 gold per stack. This means that the level of competition is extremely low. This exchange will operate to the 8th decimal place for stacks and gold (fees will be rounded up).

3 - Cheaper
Of course, placing buy orders is free and filling them is free using the current system, but for sellers the current system incurs a 10% fee and with certain specialist knowledge can be brought no lower than 5%. This exchange charges less than 1% and is available to anybody so there is no requirement to waste primary points on the negotiation-based skills

4 - Ease
Although placing buy orders are free using the current system, it can be a laborious task as the maximum you can place on the broker is 8 stacks per order. This clogs up the broker with hundreds of orders from the same person who is looking to buy in bulk volume and is also time-consuming for them placing it up in the first place, too.

5 - Fungible
Buy orders can be partially filled without problem and so are fungible. However, currently, when placing sell orders, they must be filled in its entirety or not at all, meaning the desired, exact, quantity may not be available

6 - Longevity
Again, buy orders do not have a lifetime, whereas sell order can only be placed up on the broker for a maximum of 10 days. The fee is paid immediately, and the item may not even get sold, so there is a risk. This exchange only charges for when trades are executed, listing is free.

Well that is about it for this. At the time of writing we feel that the most liquid commodity out there is steel, and that so many other commodities derive their value from the value of steel. So, for now, this exchange will deal, exclusively in steel. Hopefully as the exchange becomes more liquid, I can draw in traders and speculators alike.

7 - Reliability
The current broker system has been known to be riddled with defects (all being fixed by SV, of course with our support) But nevertheless, there may be risk of placing 1000 gold in buy orders for steel, and having the broker swallow your money, but place none of the buy orders.

The mail and trade systems appear to be functioning correctly, and this would be the basis of deposits and withdrawals where all trading takes place virtually and is manually checked to ensure the data remains with as much integrity as possible.

May the Profit be with you all!
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To get this initiative bootstrapped, I have placed an Offer for 1 Stack of Steel at 300 gold for the stack with the intention of adding liquidity, not necessarily to sell.

If you are interested in placing your own Bids or Offers, please contact me to start an account.


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Interesting idea Azidano...

How does the priority of trading work. eg: if there are two sellers of steel at 280g and someone wants to buy, does the trade go to the player who first lodged their steel offer?

Also, is there a guarantor for the exchange eg: IchorCorp? designed to prevent someone disappearing with the goods
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Interesting idea Azidano...

How does the priority of trading work. eg: if there are two sellers of steel at 280g and someone wants to buy, does the trade go to the player who first lodged their steel offer?

Also, is there a guarantor for the exchange eg: IchorCorp? designed to prevent someone disappearing with the goods
Yay the first response! :D

If there are two sellers for steel at 280g, then the first it goes to the first person who lodged their offer first, as you have suggested.

Also remember that prices can be determined to 8 decimal places, so if somebody else has put up an offer for 1 stack of Steel for 280, you may put another offer for 279 gold, which means that your price will be matched first.

The exchange is more like a Clearing House than a Broker. In order to trade on the exchange, traders must deposit their gold or steel onto their account. This way, you know that any bids or offers visible on the exchange have already been cleared and so the risk of running away is mitigated.

Remember that although somebody has put up a stack of steel at 280 gold, somebody may eat up a portion of that, say 1000 units, for example, rather than the full stack, meaning that after the trade has occurred, the seller has a remaining offer but for 9k steel instead.


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When you say deposit the gold or steel into their account, are you talking about a virtual account or are you talking about actually handing over the gold/steel?

My question about a guarantor was on the basis that gold/steel actually had to be handed over. If this is not the case, then its fine.
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Depositing gold or steel into the account, in MO terms, essentially works like this:

The gold or steel is physically handed over or mailed to one of my characters, I confirm its receipt, and I add the numbers into a spreadsheet, so I know that you have x amount of gold/steel in your account.

The exchange acts as a middle-man, so buyers and sellers are, actually, buying and selling from the exchange.

At the moment, so that confidence doesn't falter, the exchange doesn't post bids and offers for uncleared gold and commodities.
I like it. We recently talked to create organs stock market in Myrland my friend, it's a start!
CIE wishes you good luck in your new project!
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The fees have been waived so the exchange is entirely free of charge.

Fees may be implemented at a later date however I agree to do the following:
  1. Make a public announcement of the change in fees in a new thread and as a post on this thread.
  2. Provide details of the fees that are planned to be implemented.
  3. Allow at least 4 weeks notice so that current users have a chance to prepare accordingly for the fee changes.