Vegan character roleplay help


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Do fish count?

They're hardly living things. Pea brain robots. Eat fish! Good for brain.

I submit that any organism with sharp canines and two forward eyes is meant to eat meat. Did you know even deer and turtles supplement their diet with meat from time to time?
It's a mercy that fish can't think, or they'd be aware that they're breathing the (classically speaking) element-- water-- that they eliminate in.
Hey guys i want to made a character that do not eat animals or kill innocent animals like pig donkey and other pacific creature . Should i be violent with aggresive creature and player or should i try to be 100% evasive and be a real peaceful vegan
I always recommend moderation with this kind of rp; Maybe aim for peace as the primary goal and only kill when necessary to keep your playstyle options open without having to break character to get important stuff done? That way "when necessary" is a grey area that you can meddle with.
For example, I'm not playing a vegan, but my character is an explorer; he's just here to see the sights and be a part of the adventure, but I'm non-aggressive. I play the healer so that I can make sure the party reaches their destination in one piece so I get to keep exploring the world, but there have been times where I ran out of calamine and could no longer heal so i had to resort to more aggressive spells to help the party reach their goal, so my rp doesn't negatively impact the group.


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I can cook you fat food without any meat, easy peasy. I can sell it to ya kinda costy or tell you what to pick. Some of the best fat food in the game is vegan friendly and I can make it at least kinda sophisticated although admittedly less without the inclusion of some ingredients I normally use. @riligamer