Vynn's guide to being a miner up to tungsteel with optional fabricula

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So after pm'ing to a new player a breakdown of mining, and a pm asking me to lay it out, I decided to just go ahead and create a mining guide. I realize many miners like to keep the majority of the info to themselves, 2 or 3 google searches will yield all the info I am about to lay out. I have borrowed/copied some information from an archive to make it easier, saving me the typing. I also suggest the mortal online emulator for help with catalyst usage.

Ok, first off, you will most likely be fine with a human breed, but I often hear Huegar and Blainn are the best. I also chose a human, so I know you'll be fine. I chose a dark skinned toon for the slight help it gives while moving in the dark, to blend in. My stats are as follows. 106/107 str, 10/91 dex, 100/100 int, 80/84 Psy and 60/105 con.

Once you have your stats maxed out, you'll notice you get free points in each skill or lore that uses that stat. For instance, in mining I have 92 trained points and 8 from my Con and str bonus, making a total of 100 mining. Using the stat bonus to gain as many free points will give you a little flexibility once you have all the primaries you want filled in. You also want to ensure you are not wasting primary points that can be used elsewhere. This is often called micromanaging your points. As you can see here, I have trained and contributed with a total. You do not want the total to go over 100, or you will be wasting those points when they could be used elsewhere. The below image is an example of 2 wasted points.


As you can see in the above image, I have Trained to 94 and my Str and Con provide 8 points, making a total of 102. This is 2 wasted points. In the upper right, there is a - sign next to the lock. In this case, you would minus 2 points off so it is like the next pic:


This way, TRAINED is 92 and STR and CON give 8 making an even 100. This goes with every Primary skill and lore in the game, be it gathering, crafting or fighting related.

So a complete breakdown of my skills and lores:

I'll breakdown the primaries first, showing you where the points from my 1100 pool are distributed.
I have:

100 mining (92 trained+8 from con and str)
100 ore extraction appliance (90 trained + 10 from Int)
100 Metallurgy (90 trained + 10 from Int)
100 advanced metals (90 trained + 10 from Int)
100 Petrology (90 trained + 10 from Int)
100 Alchemical Mineralogy (90 trained + 10 from Int)
100 Basic Ore Extraction (90 trained + 10 from Int)
100 Intermediate ore extraction (90 trained + 10 from Int)
100 Advanced ore extraction (91 trained and 9 combined from Psy and Int)

Now from here you have options with where you want to use the rest of your points.

You can opt for one of the primaries like:

Master Metals (Allowing Cronite and Oghmium). However Oghmiun is a highly sought after, but rarely acquired book. Cronite is also difficult to acquire the ingredients. Sanguinite, an ingredient in cronite is aquired from Tephra as the first extraction. Tephra is under a stranglehold in Gaul kor and unless you have access, will potentially be a waste of your points. This is, of course, up to your discretion.

You can opt for Greater Natorus as well. This work table is able to boost some extraction results, but again limited access may make this also not worth the points.

You can Opt for Blast furnace. Again this is located in Gaul Kor, which is an unguarded city, and rarely a safe place to be. If you have the right connections though, it may be very worth your time.

You can also opt for Fabricula use, which I have recently done. Fabricula has 2 primary parent skills:

100 Alchemy (91 trained and 9 from Psy and Int combined)
100 Alchemy contraptions (90 trained + 10 from Int)

Once these 2 parent skills are at 100, you can then max out fabricula, which is a secondary. Fabricula can increase some desirable materials, for instance it gives you a good increase in lupium when used with Waterstone and Fuming salt as your catalyst, as opposed to using a furnace for instance.

Other possible options are up to you of course, but I am mainly focusing on what I have done. I would recommend at least some points (Many suggest 25) in creature control, which allows you to use a pack mount (Donkey or horse) without losing loyalty due to not having enough pet points. Make sure you keep feeding it. They love Phasel Bean stew available from any food vendor. They can, with bags, carry up to 50,000 ore. You could then choose to put some of your remaining points into riding, allowing you faster travel. The world is large, and while you can run on foot, a minimal investment into riding can save you a lot of time.

Because of all the bonus points you get from your stats, you actually have a lot more than just the 1100 it lists. As you can see, I have listed 1100 points in primary skills, and I still have 102 to spend. More is possible if you adjust your weight, but I'll leave that for others to experiment with.
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Here are some skill trees where the parent primary are red, Prerequisites are yellow, stats that give bonus Blue and the secondaries are green:

Crafting Appliances(50) int Crafting Appliances
  • Ore Extraction Appliances(50) Crafting Appliances(0) int Ore Extraction Appliances
    • Thermal Appliances(50) Ore Extraction Appliances(0) int Thermal Appliances
      • Kiln Operation(50) Thermal Appliances(20) int Kiln Operation
      • Hearth Expertise(50) Thermal Appliances(0) int Hearth Expertise
      • Furnace Operation(30) Thermal Appliances(30) int Furnace Operation
        • Blast Furnace Operation(30) Furnace Operation(40) int Blast Furnace Operation
      • Furnace Construction(30) Workshop Construction(40) Thermal Appliances(50) int Furnace Workshop Construction
    • Hydraulic Appliances(30) Ore Extraction Appliances(20) int Hydraulic Appliances
      • Natorus Operation(30) Hydraulic Appliances(0) int Natorus Operation
        • Greater Natorus Operation(30) Natorus Operation(50) intGreater Natorus Operation
    • Comminutors(50) Ore Extraction Appliances(0) int str Comminutors
      • Comminutor Construction(30) Workshop Construction(20)Comminutors(50) int Communitor Workshop Construction
      • Grinder Operation(50) Comminutors(0) int str Grinder Operation
      • Crusher Operation(50) Comminutors(0) int str Crusher Operation
    • Mechanical Appliances(50) Ore Extraction Appliances(0) int strMechanical Appliances
      • Attractor Operation(30) Mechanical Appliances(0) int Attractor Operation
      • Press Operation(50) Mechanical Appliances(0) int str Press Operation
      • Grizzly Operation(50) Mechanical Appliances(0) int str Grizzly Operation
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Here is a breakdown of you material lores:

Material Lore(50) int Material Lore
  • Metallurgy(50) Material Lore(0) int Metallurgy
    • Precious Metals(50) Metallurgy(25) int Precious Metals
      • Gold Lore(50) Precious Metals(0) int Gold Lore
      • Silver Lore(50) Precious Metals(0) int Silver Lore
      • Skadite Lore(30) Precious Metals(30) int Skadite Lore
    • Advanced Metals(50) Metallurgy(30) int Advanced Metals
      • Master Alloys(30) Metallurgy(60) Advanced Metals(50) int Master Alloys
        • Cronite Lore(30) Master Alloys(0) int Cronite Lore
        • Oghmium Lore(15) Master Alloys(40) int Oghmium Lore
      • Ichor Lore(50) Advanced Metals(0) int Ichor Lore
      • Arcronite Lore(50) Advanced Metals(30) int Arcronite Lore
      • Gem Metal Lore(50) Advanced Metals(15) int Gem Metal Lore
      • Lupium Lore(30) Advanced Metals(0) int Lupium Lore
    • Master Alloys(30) Metallurgy(60) Advanced Metals(50) int Master Alloys
      • Cronite Lore(30) Master Alloys(0) int Cronite Lore
      • Oghmium Lore(15) Master Alloys(40) int Oghmium Lore
    • Basic Metals(50) Metallurgy(0) int Basic Metals
      • Cuprum Lore(50) Basic Metals(0) int Cuprum Lore
      • Aabam Lore(50) Basic Metals(0) int Aabam Lore
      • Pig Iron Lore(50) Basic Metals(0) int Pig Iron Lore
      • Bleck Lore(50) Basic Metals(0) int Bleck Lore
      • Almine Lore(30) Basic Metals(20) int Almine Lore
    • Iron-based Alloys(50) Metallurgy(30) int Iron-based Alloys
      • Tungsteel Lore(30) Iron-based Alloys(40) int Tungsteel Lore
      • Steel Lore(50) Iron-based Alloys(20) int Steel Lore
      • Grain Steel Lore(50) Iron-based Alloys(0) int Grain Steel Lore
    • Cuprum-based Alloys(50) Metallurgy(10) int Cuprum-based Alloys
      • Bron Lore(50) Cuprum-based Alloys(0) int Bron Lore
      • Electrum Lore(50) Cuprum-based Alloys(0) int Electrum Lore
      • Messing Lore(30) Cuprum-based Alloys(0) int Messing Lore
      • Tindremic Messing Lore(30) Cuprum-based Alloys(50) int Tindremic Messing Lore
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The last group of skills is the extraction skills. You want all 3 tiers, or you will be unable to extract them, even if you have the required material lores. Each is a primary under extraction. Refer to http://www.mortalonline.com/forums/threads/mining-to-metal-guide.29775/ for all the material tiers and a in depth explanation of the metals/extractables.

Extraction(50) int Extraction
  • Basic Ore Extraction(50) Extraction(0) int Basic Ore Extraction
    • Intermediate Ore Extraction(50) Basic Ore Extraction(25) intIntermediate Ore Extraction
      • Advanced Ore Extraction(50) Intermediate Ore Extraction(50) intpsy Advanced Ore Extraction
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Now regarding Refining. I would make sure you read the refining book all the way to the end before refining a single thing. It will cost too many ingredients before that. Now normally, most slag haulers keep all the recipes to refining to themselves, but I'll break it down. Refining takes 3 ingredients to make the new material, in a ratio of 2:1:1

Grain Steel = Pig iron + Coke + Calx Powder
Steel = Grain Steel + Coal + Saburra Powder
Tungsteel = Grain Steel + Lupium + Granum Powder
Bron = Cuprum + Bleck + Saburra Powder
Messing = Cuprum + Calamine + Saburra Powder
Tindremic Messing = Messing + Almine + Gem Metal
Cronite = Grain Steel + Almine + Arcronite
Oghmium = Tungsteel + Cronite + Sanguinite

so for Bron you would use 10000 Cuprum in the first slot, 5000 Bleck in the second slot and 5000 Saburra powder in the third slot. You can adjust the numbers up or down, but always in a 2:1:1 ratio so 500+250+250, etc, etc.

By continually buying the lores, you will maximize your profits by getting the most out of each material when you extract them.

For instance, if you put 10000 calx on a crusher, once you have maxed all the lores you will get back 360 calspar, 1361 calx powder, 2151 coal, 180 flakestone and 891 malachite. Without the required lores, you will not get the return at all, so if you have no flakestone lore, you would get no flakestone. As you progress up the trees of extractions, they will get more and more valuable, and worth your while.

I hope this was helpful. I am always available for questions. Vynn


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Thank you for the guide and it is well presented, another way to save primary points is if you stop mining at 88, you will save 12 primary points, mining at 88 = 100 ore each time you hit with axe, mining at 100 = 112 each time you hit with axe, it just takes a little bit longer mining but saves you primary points.:)


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Well done! This guide is a necessity.


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Well done mate !

i'll try to manage skill point to become Steel weapon crafter on one Character, this guide will help a lot.

Any advice on becoming fat to have a +30 Int bonus? like that we can save some skill points.

Advanced Ore Extraction is only to make tungsteel / Cronite / Oghmium or i need it for steel?


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Steel uses Refining.

Basic Extraction is for Tier 1 mats
Intermediate Extraction is for Tier 2 mats
Advanced Extraction is for Tier 3 mats

Refer to the Mining to Metal Guide for tiers.



Oh, great guide BTW!
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I meant for the tungsteel mats. I may have confused things by thinking a certain way without being literal.

Waterstone to lupium is advance extraction is what I meant to say.

Blood ore to pig iron is intermediate. That is when refining takes over. Does that make more sense? I mentally think of certain mats as for certain metals, and it is a bad habit for when trying to explain things.


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Great job, very comprehensive and newbie friendly guide there !


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If you go for Alchemy to use the Fabricula you can also make cuprite gems. Just a little bonus for those who are interested in that.
Great guide! If I were to be supplying these mats after extracting to my own weapon crafter, would it be best to do the refining on the crafter? If I understand correctly, that would free up the Metallurgy skills on the miner.


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Great guide! If I were to be supplying these mats after extracting to my own weapon crafter, would it be best to do the refining on the crafter? If I understand correctly, that would free up the Metallurgy skills on the miner.
Refining must be done on a character that knows about the involved materials/metals but not the catalysts. So... I'd say since both have the required metal lores anyways, you are right that you have a free choice here whether to put refining on the slaggy or crafty. But then, it is a secondary skill anyways, so it doesn't matter really.
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