What is (Famous Streamer) Tehmudjin Up To?

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(By request.)

Any plans for the rest of MO1, especially Haven?

Forthcoming streams?

And what long-term plans for MO2 can you share with us, @NewMudjin ?
This most unexpected and spontanious thread is evidence of my enormous fanbase and its unsatible hunger for everything Mudjin.

When Haven is released I will be there and keep an see how MO finaly prospers. I will be in the forefront of MO news as we pass WoW in number of subscribers. This "Noob Island" shows great promise both noobs and vets alike and Im sure it will have something for everyone.

Of course my unrivaled reign as supreme warrior and devine genious will continue when MO2 blesses the gaming community with even more opportunities for ordinary players to participate in my epic adventures.

There are also whispers in the wind of new TechMudjin youtube content of extraordinary intrigue and the regular amount of overwhelming sex appeal.

To be continued...