What really killed Mortal Online?

I’ve been wanting to see the crew in a photo for quite a while, if SV wants to hide their new hires’ identities online to keep them from being randomly pressured by members of the community for answers, then just use Microsoft Paint and put a black rectangle over their faces or something.
Horse masks for everyone. Those are, like, *never* awkward.
Yes, but its still a very awkward thing to ask for.

Can you imagine Henrik telling everyone to get together for a group photo, then adding black rectangles in front of peoples faces and posting? Its a really, really weird thing to do just because some guy on the internet asked for it.
Yes; yes, it is. Also: it would have been more in keeping with the tone of the Mortal Online community to have asked for nudes.


Of course, that could be why we haven't seen any "office group photos", recently. Star Vault may have gone 'clothing-optional'.
Actually, if you read my post carefully I was saying IF the reason why SV hasn’t posted a photo already was because they don’t want to reveal their new hires’ identities then put a black rectangle over their faces. Otherwise, I would have wanted to see the team together in a group photo without any concealed identities.
Exactly. Weird as F.
"Why so fixated on not having a picture put up?"​
-- @Dalacor

Very good question. It is TRADITION. Traditionally, when new <del>slaves are purchased</del> <ins>devs are hired or interns acquired</ins> by Star Vault, their <del>bodies are branded</del> <ins>faces are photoshopped onto funny pictures</ins>. There are examples in the Athenaeum Regalis¹ ². However, to carry on with this tradition, faces will have to be exposed.

Oh.... Your one of the team, that explains it. Mudj is MO2 dev lead!!
Perhaps we should Hopeto be so lucky as to have the Great Khan & famous streamer, Tehmudjin, Vanquisher of Evil as the MO2 Lead Developer.* (As a Dev, he would not be subject to the prohibition (if any still exists) on posting RL pictures or other personally identifying information.)

If the rumour is true, however, having yet another picture of him would be a double-edged sword, as we have no guarantee that the destabilising effect they have on population growth would not become an international as opposed to a merely Swedish crisis.³ A drop in the birthrates of all countries where players of Mortal Online view this forum could, in turn, impact the population of MO2 when, in 2 years or 20, it finally arrives.;)

¹ https://www.starvault.se/mortalforums/threads/ode-to-the-intern-pontus.42441/
² https://www.starvault.se/mortalforums/threads/ode-to-the-new-intern-kennie.42343/

For full disclosure, I may or may not receive a small commission for every time I mention his titles.
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