What really killed Mortal Online??

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I know there isn't a simple answer and that it's a combination of many things. However, it's just dawned on me that most, if not all, renowned guilds have left because of getting sieged.essay writer

It's no secret siege mechanics are completely terrible. Adding in battering ram, trebuchets, and fire arrows did absolutely nothing to help that. Sure, planning a siege is difficult and the act itself isnt fun at all...but I think the defense of a siege is the real drag.

Attackers have everything to gain and nothing to lose (but measly gold). Defenders have months worth of effort that can be lost in hours. Most the time this stuff is lost while people are sleeping or working, which makes it even more annoying and gives people that "fuck it I'm done" attitude. Which you cannot blame them.
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Announcement of MO2 killed MO1. Activity went down to almost zero, only a small number of players staying active.