Where Are You Pops

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Dear Pops,

I'm sorry that you don't like me. Of all the people who left RPK, you're up there in the top. Everytime I log into the game, I ask myself, "Where is that Old Pops"? Unless MO2 doesn't have an upfront cost, which it will... This is also my Good Bye to MO, if you want Free MO stuff, find me on Discord, I'll be giving away all of my things.

Good Bye Forever,

i think you will get stuff in mo2 for what you have in mo1 tho not sure... but hey i remember you... i fought you with a f2p hybrid for the guild FRO when they started... damn that was close... but yea ur good... althougt that was pretty much a 1 f2p v 2... love FRO great dudes... but damn they where bad fighters when they started xD... still hope to mee them again in mo2 great guys... also miss that old guild... DOOM i think not sure no it wasnt doom.. i think doom was a northern guild... and they where center south guild... and not as douchy as what i think DOOM was lol... i dono damn so long ago... well gl for mo2... just dont be a douche hidding in trees to kill newbies... again... xD


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Do people still play this game just jumped on the forum to see whats up haha