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Crafters we need armors and weapons in Tindrem, the marketplace is going crazy.
Great genral Mingxia
Great genral Mingxia
People who are selling bone tier for 70 gold you mean!
Happy (belated) Birthday to Muloch.
Are you under curfew? 7pm DC
I'll be alright, so stop blaming yourself.

Before you save anybody else.

I want you to save yourself.

- Banjo (Tokyo Ghoul)
@Sarkhan The party will have to go on without me as the username Najwalaylah is already in use. Need I add, don't trust that troll?
I am at a loss of words. Not that the your username was taken but... I understand! The soul of Soldeus will burn brightly despite your absence, in remembrance.
How to get MO2 Key without paying 1000DKK???
Great genral Mingxia
Great genral Mingxia
They used to drop some at mo battle royal when you Play battle royal and get a random key dropped in a loot, thu you have to hold it long to get the numbers and register.
Are you a tanking fighter, DPS or hybrid? Where does your style fit in and what weapon fits that characteristic the most? Duels and Testing... Testing and Duels...
A tragic life is not being able to live as yourself.

A happy life is being able to die as yourself.

- Kanae (Karren) von Rosewald (Tokyo Ghoul: re)
What is MO2 ACT? BE A BOSS!! Protect your cool discoveries!
Got anymore of those keys for MO2? 0,_,0
...Matsumae. Why do you think you lost?

I could not block your sword... with my shield...

You could have if you really wanted to. You need technique, of course... But whats most important is beyond your sword and shield.

It's heart.

- Mirumo Tsukiyama (Tokyo Ghoul: re)
Happy birthday, to you!