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Is it weird how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how weird it is?
@Teknique I don't think Mortal royale will launch when the timer ticks down. It'll probably just be a release date / trailer.
A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week. -- General George Patton said that.
o/ Good to have the forum's back.
Now reroll the game back to 2015. Actually make it 2010. Thanks
Yay! I managed to log into the forums.
Make Mortal Online Great Again
2015 rollback?
Remember: "Meme" is made of people saying "me, me" all the time.
Chuckling while you lay beneath the sand in your casket...
hey message me if you ever see this
In-Game Name: Garrix Name: Cody
Age: 20
Time Zone:Atlantic (CA)
Guild History: Yeti
Time Playing: Several Months
Free To Play?: N
How Many Accounts do you use?: 1
Do you accept everything stated in the guild recruitment post?: Yes, I do.
I Love BeeR
Character name: MrHentai
Age: 18
Playstyle: RP/PVE/Passive
Time zone: CEST +1
Previous Guilds: none

Why do you want to join?
I am looking for a guild with good people to play with.It´s simple.

How do you plan to contribute? well i am making an armour smithso i can make armours and i can fight i build my strength to max.