Senior Environment Artist

We have been developing sandbox MMORPG games for over a decade, with our first game Mortal Online running for over 15 years before we decided to start working on Mortal Online 2.

As a relatively small company, each team member can have a significant impact on the game and we pride ourselves on everyone’s voice being heard. Although we are based in Sweden we have many team members working together from all around the world to create one of the most unique and interesting games on the market.

  • Coordinating with the art director to create high quality environments in a large open-world map in an MMO setting with an eye for aesthetics and level design
  • Coordinating with the leads of various departments to create and execute plans
  • Cooperating with level designers to design a variety of landscapes, dungeons, cities, and other environments
  • Creating and using textures and materials for Unreal Engine
  • Planning and developing breathtaking environments representing a variety of different biomes and cultures
  • A passion for making games
  • An understanding of, or ability to quickly learn about, different biome types and architectural styles
  • Strong understanding of Unreal Engine 4 (with UE5 knowledge highly regarded)
  • Strong understanding of materials, textures, and lighting
  • Strong understanding of level design, including gameplay, optimization, and immersion
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills to properly coordinate between various teams and individuals and present solutions, guidelines, and workflows
  • Strong time management and organizational skills
  • Work on a unique project with lots of variety and new engaging challenges
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Completely remote work, work from home with no need to relocate  
  • Cooperate with passionate and dedicated co workers